I've decided that as we embark on the next Millenium, it was time to change my home page again. It's been just about a year since I blasted the NBA crybabies and the NHL's comissioner for his short-sightedness an a lot has happened. The NBA is back playing and Latrell Spreewell is still making news in front of his former hometown fans. The Stanley Cup Finals end in a controversy and the league promptly changes the "in the crease" rule. Denver wins it's 2nd Superbowl in a row, John Elway retires, and the team goes to pot. As does the 3 other teams that were tha last teams to play last season. The Yankees make it 2 in a row and knock Atlanta from "Team of the Decade" status to "Team of the Big Choke" status. The USA Women's Soccer team wins in a shoot out and the game replay is more popular than the game itself because guys want to see Brandi rip her shirt off again and again and again.

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