Moceanu moves to Olympic center

By Sharon Raboin, USA TODAY

                 Dominique Moceanu is the first female gymnast to live and train at the
                 Olympic Training Facility in Colorado Springs. ''I'm starting a new era,
                 I guess,'' said Moceanu, who moved there Tuesday with her coach,
                 Luminita Miscenco. Athletes live at the training center to take
                 advantage of the housing, training table and sports science
                 opportunities. It is home to 175 athletes in 13 sports, including the core
                 of the men's gymnastic team. But because women's gymnastics is a
                 high-profile, financially lucrative sport that usually involves youngsters,
                 its athletes often train with personal coaches who own facilities.
                 Meanwhile, Moceanu has apologized to the owner of an Orlando, Fla.,
                 gym where she and her coach reportedly ran up nearly $29,000 in
                 expenses in 2 1/2 weeks, then left town without a word.

Moceanu: Sorry for Orlando tab confusion

By Sharon Raboin, USA TODAY

                 Dominique Moceanu called coach Rita Brown to apologize for any
                 confusion over the nearly $29,000 Brown said the Olympic gold-medal
                 gymnast and her coach owe her.

                 Brown said Moceanu and Luminita Miscenco ran up the bill in just 2
                 1/2 weeks, then left her Orlando gym without telling her.

                 "(Moceanu) regrets any misunderstanding and hopes to work it out with
                 Rita," Moceanu's agent, Janey Miller of Gold Medal Management, said
                 Wednesday. "She wants to take care of her responsibilities."

                 Brown said Moceanu owes $23,147.96, including $325 in workout
                 apparel, $1,496 in medical fees, $1,516 in moving costs from Houston
                 to Orlando, $4,600 in apartment fees and $15,000 in updated
                 gymnastic equipment. Brown said Miscenco owes $5,824.92.

                 Moceanu, who made an appearance Saturday at the opening of
                 Brown's new gym in Las Vegas, and Miscenco moved Tuesday into
                 the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

                 USA Gymnastics President Bob Colarossi said the federation didn't
                 suggest the latest move, her third in a month.

                 "It's a place Dominique and her coach thought would be the best
                 training situation right now," he said.

                 After Moceanu vowed in mid-December to overcome her personal
                 problems and return to training, Colarossi said he asked Brown if she
                 would be willing to work with Moceanu.

                 Moceanu hadn't trained since Oct. 17, when a head-to-head argument
                 between Miscenco and her father, Dumitru, escalated into a family
                 crisis. It led Moceanu to take her parents to court to become a legal
                 adult and get a protective order against her father.

                 "We've been monitoring Dominique's situation very closely," Colarossi
                 said. "At this point, our focus is to make sure Dom's focus is on training
                 and gymnastics. It's been spiraling out of control for a long time." 1