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In his first NHL game, which took place on the road at Boston, Mario Lemieux scored his first goal on his first shot during his first shift. The career of the most lethal scorer NHL has ever known had begun.
Over the years, Mario Lemieux has scored numerous goals and has had numerous assists. To count them all individually would take months maybe even years. Mario has showed the National Hockey League what hockey is all about. He's been a hero, a idol, and a role model for many aspiring hockey players.
Now, thirteen years later, it is only appropriate that the game likely to be his last in the regular season will again be played in Boston, only now it won't be in Boston Gardens. It was to be played in the new Fleet Center right next to the Gardens which they closed last year. Ray Bourque, Mario's long time friend and player for the Bruins, presented Mario with a seat from the Gardens on Sunday. This game was a memorable one as much as the first for Mario. We will greatly miss him in the NHL and especially on the Pittsburgh Penguins. We Love You Mario and you will always be the greatest in our eyes no matter what others say.
Some say Wayne Gretzky WAS the greatest. That may be so, but now Mario Lemieux IS the Greatest Hockey Player ever to set foot in the NHL.

OK....Wow, I have been gone a long time. Sorry everyone, but with me working every day I don't get here as much as I would like. Anyway...lots has been going on. Penguins are 2-0-1 so far this season with our tie coming against those damn rangers. Anyhow, I am proudly going to take my boyfriend to his first NHL game this Saturday when the Penguins face off against Toronto at th igloo. Can't believe it, 27 years old and never been to a NHL game. *sigh* It is also our 3rd month anniversary. What better way to spend it than at a hockey game! hehe....
Some of you who know me from ESPN chat know that I'm dating an old chatter by the name of NYBruin. Was my best friend for two years and now is the love of my life. He lives in NY so I don't get to see him as often as I would like, but we get through it. Talk nearly every night except Monday's, he has Fire Practice. Yep, he's a Volunteer Fireman. Worries me to death but wouldn't ask him to stop for anything. We are moving in together within the next couple months. Hasn't been settled who is moving where, but I don't care if I move there or stay here. Don't worry, for those who have my home address, will get the new one. Well that's about it now. I miss ya'll. Wish I could get here more often, but it was just luck that I got here today. Managers had a big meeting so the store was closed. YEAH! hehe...anyway...talk to ya'll later! *hugziez* If you would like to send a message to John Cullen, you can do so here!
If you would like to send a message to the family of Yanick Dupre, who has died, you can do so here.
You can send a message to Vladimir Konstantinov and Sergei Mnatsakanov here.

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If it wasn't for this man, we would have no hockey team! Thanks Mario!


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Konstatinov continues to improve in rehab center in Florida! We're behind ya 110% Vladdy!!!!

Mario's Battle Back From Hodgkin's Disease

Mario Lemieux's fight against Hodgkin's Disease proved to be one of his greatest comeback's in his career. The night of his last radiation treatment, March 2, 1993, the team was to play in Philadelphia. Mario, who was still in Pgh., was determined to make it to Philly in time for the game. Waiting at the airport, Mario may never have gotten there. Finally, he got someone to drive him to Allegheny County Airport, where he arranged a corporate jet to fly him there. He arrived at the hotel 1 hour before the team was to board the bus to head to the game. As Mario skated out onto the ice that night, he received a standing ovation. Something that was only appropriate for someone like Mario. Now we are faced with seeing John Cullen, a former Penguin, battle his cancer, only recently discovered. Mario and John hadn't been the closest of friends when John was here, but when John found out about his cancer, he put a call through to Mario remembering what he had gone through. Although the mass in John's chest is large, he was lucky enough that the cancer hasn't spread to any other part of his body. He began radiation treatments about a week and a half ago. He reported that even if he does overcome the cancer, he may not return to hockey. I would like to say that, John has my support in his decision. To me, once a Penguin, ALWAYS a Penguin.


When the Pens made their debut into the NHL on October 11,1967, the team wore the colors of white and light blue. The logo, although not pictured on the jersey, was a hockey-playing penguin wearing a scarf over a inverted triangle symbolizing the Golden Triangle located in Downtown Pittsburgh.
The Following season, 1968-69, the uniforms were changed so that the logo appeared on the jersey's, however the scarf was dropped from the picture. The white home jersey had a wide band of dark blue on each sleeve and the bottom, while the light blue away jersey had bands of white trimmed in dark blue.
The uniforms were changed again four years later, in the 1972-73 season. The circle around the logo was removed only leaving the Penguin and the triangle. Added was the inserts of color on the shoulders.
On January 30, 1980, the Pens wore the colors of black and gold for the first time. With the Steelers capturing their 4th Super Bowl title and the Pirates winning the World Series that year, the struggling Pens hoped to gain support by aligning their colors with the other teams in the "CITY OF CHAMPIONS."
Boston protested the change since they had already claimed the colors of black and gold, but the Pens prevailed by virtue of a precedent set by the old Pgh. Hockey Club in the late 1920's, which bore the colors of black and gold. The design remained the same with the black replacing the dark blue and gold replacing the light blue. From 1981-82 season through the 1984-85 season, the team alternated wearing gold jerseys with the white at home.
The uniforms remained unchanged until 1992-93. One year after buying the team, owner Howard Baldwin and his group decided it was time to modernize the penguin and logo. White home jersey's feature the new logo on the front and gold shoulder inserts. The black away jersey's have Pittsburgh written diagonally down the front, and the new logo on each shoulder.
During the 1995-96 season, Pens were one of five NHL teams to introduce a third jersey. This jersey, which made its debut on Jan. 27 vs the Phili Flyers features a black background with the new modernized logo design including innovative striping and a blend of the team colors.

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