Pull for the Hungry ArmWrestling Championships XX

February 19, 2005 Ramada Inn, Saint Joseph, Missouri. American Armsport Association #805-04. The objective was clear: Ordinary People doing something Extraordinary. The ballroom was filled with excitement as 206 athletes remembered their blessings and competed with strength and honor. This fund raiser for American Second Harvest of Greater Saint Joseph - Food Bank, simply brought us all a little closer in spirit and heart. The youngest competitor was 25 months old and the eldest was 58 years. Adult Competitors: 127. Youth Competitors: 79. Total Entries: 367. States Represented: Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Tennessee. Moreover, two arm wrestlers who traveled from Turkey. Ernie Kubr, Heavenly Memories Photography, took over 1200 snap shots, providing a wonderful opprotunity for family and friends to capture the moment. Highlights: Margie Worden and Nick Zinna proved to be the best overall arm wrestlers earning "The Erin Zinna and Christopher Molsbee Last Warrior Standing Memorials" in fast matches.
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Ernie Kubr, Heavenly Memories Photography, 402-861-9363 / 402-689-6161

Margie Worden and Nick Zinna make quick work of Andi Paul and Dursen Onder

Little Emily Scott (left) is pulling Sammie Berry and Keegan Scarborough.

Braelynn Bennet won "BIGGEST HEART"
...arm wrestling through the pain, she never stopped!

Boys & Girls 4 yrs-Under: Josie Middleton - Nashville, IL; Sammie Berry - St. Joe., MO; Emily Scott - Skiatook, OK; Braelynn Bennet - St. Joe., MO; Keegan Scarborough - Oak Grove, MO; Kurt Kauk - Claremore, OK; Aujenai Rock - Omaha, NE; Brooke Westberg - Woolstock, IA; Jacob McCabe - Hubbard, IA

Terrence Clark II and Isreal Smith both from Saint Joseph, Missouri

Boys & Girls 5-6 yrs: Brant Price - St. Joe., MO; Terrence Clark II - St. Joe., MO; Makenna Evert - Camden , MO; Isreal Smith - St. Joe., MO; Tanner Fleming - Oak Grove, MO; Cody Beck - Lebo, KS; Alyssa McFarland - St. Joe., MO; Riley Price - Olathe, KS; Lacey Westberg - Woolstock, IA

Carly Middleton scratched her way through the B-side of the bracket to win the 2005 title.

Girls 7-9 yrs: Carly Middleton - Nashville, IL; Raven Price - St. Joe., MO; Samantha McFarland - St. Jooe., MO; Brooklyn Anderson - Dixon, MO; Kirsten Kauk - Claremore, OK

Hawk Duggings raises his blood pressure for the win.

Boys 7-9 yrs: Erik Stevens - Warrensburg, MO; Shane Battagler - Camden, MO; Cory Middleton - Nashville, IL; Hawk Duggins - Osceola, MO

Deanna Busey and Lacey Talley go to battle; Talley was able to hold off Busey for the pin.

Girls 10-12 yrs: Jeanne Bierbaum - St. Joe., MO; Lacey Talley - St. Joe., MO; Kirstie Griffis - Avoca, IA; Deanna Busey - St. Joe., MO; Alexis Anderson - Dixon, MO;Natasha Gibson - St. Joe., MO; Alexis McMartin - Oakland, IA; Molly Dickinson - Hot Springs, AR

Boys 10-12 yrs: Cody Berry - St. Joe., MO; Collin Easter - St. Joe., MO; Dylan Duggins - Osceola, MO; Bryce Whittle - Collinsville, OK; JD Brown - Dixon, MO

Girls 13-15 yrs: Dustie Fritsche - Lone Jack, MO; Misty Fritz - Omaha, NE; Lacie Poindexter - Oak Grove, MO; MacKenzie McIntosh - Mexico, MO; Nicole Drew - KC, MO; Jeanne Bierbaum - St. Joe., MO

Gary Talley (left) and Cameran Chambers (right) had 15 competitors in their class!

Boys 13-15 yrs: Tom Dixon - Council Bluffs, IA; Gary Talley - St. Joe., MO; Josh Hildebrand - St. Joe.,, MO; James Parker - Lathrop, MO; Weston Scott - Tulsa, OK; Kyle Schoenberger - Plattsburg, MO; Preston Rochel - Marshall, MN; Cameran Chambers - Exira, IA; Kyle Stevens - Warrensburg, MO; Ethan Fritsche - Lone Jack, MO; Mark Hildebrand - St. Joe., MO; Roman Driskell - Skiatook, OK; Greg Arnold - Clayton , OH; Riley Easter - St. Joe, MO; Alan Middleton - Nashville, IL

Girls 16-18 yrs: Jennifer Putnam - Beresford, SD; Brittany Guinzy - Ashley, IL; Erica Brown - KC, MO

Boys 16-18 yrs: Brad Hanrock - St. Joe., MO; John Sowards - St. Joe., MO; Zeb Cook - Albany, MO; Allen Evinger - Oak Grove, MO; Zack Fritsche - Lone Jack, MO; Jacob Anderson - Trenton, MO; Eric Cunningham - Trenton, MO; Gary Tally - St. Joe., MO; Tim Pokorny - Weston, NE; James Sloves - KC, MO; Ben Johnson - Oak Grove, MO; Randy Lawrence - Edgerton, KS; Jon Wade - St. Joe., MO; Bruce Guinzy -Ashley, IL

Ladies Right Hand

67 kg = 147-Under lbs: Margie Worden - Omaha, NE; Deniz Costun - Turkey; Val Hall - Bellevue, NE

67+ kg = 148-Over lbs; Andi Paul - Papillion, NE; Chrystle Heil - Lathrop, MO; Penny Ford - St. Joe., MO

Men's Right Hand

70 kg = 154-Under lbs: Luke Stanely - Blue Springs, MO; Justin Joice - Coweta, OK; Chip Gore - Eldon, MO

Durson Onder and Deniz Costun both traveled from Turkey to be a part of the event.

86 kg = 155-190 lbs: Dursen Onder - Turkey; Bill Logsdon - Hardin, MO; Roger Nowazke - Louisville, NE

Chris Anderson and Sterling Miles

105 kg = 191-231 lbs: Scott Lohmann - Omaha, NE; Dan Whittle - Collinsville, OK; Scott Fleming - Oak Grove, MO

Blaine Middleton invites Mike McCabe to settle with third.

105+ kg = 232-Over lbs: Nick Zinna - Polo, MO; Blaine Middleton - Nashville, IL; Mike McCabe - Hubbard, IA

Ladies Novice Right - Open: Chrystle Heil - Lathrop, MO; Kelly Cook - Council Bluffs, IA; Gwen Morgan - Polo, MO

Men's Novice Right Hand

70 kg = 154-Under lbs: Brandon Hunsucker - Douglass, KS; Chip Gore - Eldon, MO; Eric Cunningham - Trenton, MO

Bruce Scott; Sperry, OK and Eric Parker; Polo MO.

86 kg = 155-190 lbs: Blake Sercest - Coweta, OK; Kevin Ford - Inola, OK; Garrett Richardson - Buckner, MO

105 kg = 191-231 lbs: Mike Kauk - Claremore, OK; Derek Hausman - Columbia, MO; Matt Duggins - Osceola, MO

Chris Josten, Beresford, SD placed 4th in the field of 15 Novice Super Heavy Weights.

Brandon Dysart (left photo) pulls on Blake Perry and Paul Ytell (right) gets caught tugging on another big-big arm!

105+ kg = 232-Over lbs: Ryan Clark - Oak Grove, MO; Blake Perry - Crockett Mills, TN; Brandon Dysart - Savannah, MO

Juliet Schuenemeyer with Misty Fritz in the ladies left class.

Ladies Left Hand - Open: Margie Worden - Omaha, NE; Chrystle Heil - Lathrop, MO; Gwen Morgan - Polo, MO

Men's Left Hand

70 kg = 154-Under lbs: Jeff Puckett - St. Joe., MO; Luke Stanley - Blue Springs, MO; Brandon Hunsucker - Douglass, KS

86 kg = 155-190 lbs: Dursen Onder - Turkey; Bill Logsdon - Hardin, MO; Shane McLaughlin - Derby KS

105 kg = 191-231 lbs: Scott Lohmann - Omaha, NE; Scott Fleming - Oak Grove, MO; Sterling Miles - St. Louis, MO

105+ kg = 232-Over lbs: Nick Zinna - Polo, MO; Don Fritshe - Lone Jack, MO; Dwayne Hanel - Omaha, NE