The Errant Archer's Guide to The Knowne World

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An Tir West Caid
East Meridies Midrealm
Atlantia Ansteorra Ęthelmearc
Trimaris Drachenwald Atenveldt
Artemesia Outlands Calontir

Welcome to our newest Kingdom

Argent Argent Loch Blackrune BloodGuard Bright Fame Chanteaux Nuit Chateau de Beaumont Clan Stoirm Dun Clann O'Choda Crimsonfist
Dark Horde The Drafn Warband Dragonshade Dun Tyr Faerhaga Family O'Rourke Fenngate Firebrand Four Pheons Glendrakon Golden Oar
Grynmoors Havensgrove Horseman of Judgment Keep Isenwulf Kitchen Steward Langskipp Levenburg Merchant Light Morwaywffon
NOVA (Nasty Old Viking Assoc.) Order of the Templar Overflowing Cup Papillon Ravenspeak Revelhaven Estates Silver Oak Singing Stone Spenser-Longfellow Trading Company Starblade
Stonesfjiord Tavassalama Timberwolfe Vagus Valerius Paencalvus Westbrook White Hound Wilted Rose Wolfestead Wolfkin Wolfstar Wyvern Hall

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Gentles welcomed through this gate.

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