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Where to play badminton in Italy
Are you danish? Do you live in Italy? Then you must read this!
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In Italy badminton is an altmost unknown sport. When I moved from Denmark (Aarhus) to Italy (Pavia near Milan) about 11 Years ago, I quite missed the game. Fortunately after a few years of forced siesta I "discovered" the existence of TWO badminton clubs in Milan, and there are many more around Italy.

If you're in a similar situation and you can't find where to play your favorit sport just look for clubs near you in the list of Italian clubs (NOT COMPLETE). If you don't find any, drop me a mail and I can try to investigate. Check also the Italian Badminton Federation

In all the clubs (I think) you can try the game for free a few times, so if you don't know what badminton is why don't you just visit a club near you. Who knows maybe, badminton is your sport!

Mail any suggestion, new club addresses, interesting links...

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