Natalia Laschenova 
Natalia Laschenova was the youngest member of the 1988 Soviet Olympic Team.  She won a gold medal with her team and finished 5th in the AA.  At the 1989 Worlds many saw Laschenova as clearly the best gymnast on the floor.  She came second in the AA but to many her combination of power, grace, difficulty and strenght were unmatched.  She competed in the 1990 Goodwill Games and 1991 World University Games but did not return to world or Olympic competition.  Her trademark skills include the best full twisting Yrchenko of all times, a layout to two feet that puts the chinese to shame, double layout backhandspring stradle jump punch front to double back combination, and although she never competed it, she was training a triple back.
                        Laschenova on the cover of IG Magazine.