Bulgarian National Cup Final
5 : 0
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the victory

It was only with great effort that CSKA players reached the ball About 50'000 loud fans of the two bulgarian best teams ever filled the national stadium for a great entartainement during the cup final. It was the greatest derbie of Bulgaria - the match between 'the blues' and 'the reds' - Levski Sofia vs. CSKA Sofia.
It started great and it looked even better in the 14th minute - The captain of 'the blues' Nikolay Todorov made the crowd explode with a fabulous goal. After a combination with Borissov, the ball was sent to Doncho Donev, who tricked 'the red' defender Anton Bachev and made a cross in the box. The experienced Todorov jumped and with a header sent the ball over the keeper Stanev for 1:0.

Gueorgui Ivanov - Gonzo troubled all the time the defenders in red The 'army' (as CSKA is also known) replied by some good attacks. In the 17th min the keeper Ivankov saved a dangerous shot by Jabov and in the next few minutes CSKA hit the crossbar twice, and Levski once.
It was in these minutes that the better tactics were revealed and it fortunately was Levski's! The substitute Yordan Marinov attacked from the right wing and combined his play with Gueorgui Ivanov. The last kicked the ball with his heel to Alexandrov who made the result 2:0 in front of the surprised defenders in red kits.
Without any good idea, the CSKA players tried all they could - their attacker (BTW, top goalscorer of the league) Boncho Guentchev fell in the penalty area but all he received was a yellow card for simulation.
Three minutes after the halftime break Doncho Donev destroyed all hopes for a change of 'the reds' with curious goal, for which helped the chaos in the defence of CSKA. The attacker of Levski received a great 40-meters long pass in the penalty area from Alexandrov, then passed behind Milen Petkov and sent a high ball behind the unexpecting Stanev, but it hit the post. In his try to clear it on the ground fell Dobromir Mitov, but all he did was to clear himself from the way of the ball and there was nothing else to do for Donev, than to send it back into the net for the third time.
The good display of football of Levski put CSKA down on their knees That showed who's the best and there wasn't anything that could stop Levski for achieving their big success and revenge for the last years final.
Levski made CSKA desperatelly fall on their knees with the fourth goal - the star of 'the blues' Gueorgui Ivanov - Gonzo received another good pass by Donev, and it wasn't difficult for Gonzo to pass around Atanas Gueorguiev and shoot behind Stanev.
To make the defeat of 'the reds' even bigger, their captain, the experienced Gueorgui Yordanov made an stupid own goal in the last minute, as he intercepted a cross by Donev and sent the ball in the corner. CSKA's goalkeeper Stanev couldn't do anything else than watch and take the ball out of his goal for the fifth time.
It was a great celebration time for all 30-35'000 Levski fans on the stadium. In contrast the rest 15-20'000 present crowd, who were supporting CSKA didn't even see the last goal. They started to leave about the middle of the second half.
5:0 is a great result not only because of it's goal difference, but also because of the history of the derby between the two clubs. It was the greatest result ever achieved by CSKA against their all time rivals Levski and 'red' fans used to shout it with pride. But they wont dare to do it anymore ashamed of the recent result.
On the other hand, Levski has what to be proud of: their best results against CSKA are always as a whip in the face of their rivals in their celebrating moments. In 1968 when Levski defeated CSKA with 7:2 it was the 20th anniversery of the reds. Later, in 1994, on 23rd of September - the Army's day - it was even better 7:1! And now, this year, on CSKA's 50th anniversery they received five amazing goals and were covered in shame.
The celebrations after the match were tromendeous. 30 thousand fans shouting together, singing and applauding their beloved players. Levski players running in front of the stands thanking the best crowd in Bulgaria, receiving flags and scarfs and throwing T-shirts to the faithfull fans.
They made several tours, holding the cup, stopping each ten meters, waving their hands up and down five times, alltogether with the crowd counting the goals.
Then they went in the central stand and gave the cup to the club officials - the president Tomas Lafchis, the manager Andrey Jeliazkov and all the other bosses including the major of Sofia Stefan Sofianski and the vice-prime minister Evgueni Bakardjiev.
A big photo was made which is present in this link with all the names of the players and officials.