In every World Cup tournaments, there are some outstanding players from different teams.  Each year, journalists and experts will choose a "Dream Team" with outstanding players from each playing position.  The following are the tournaments' World Cup Elevens.  Not only you can see who did well in which World Cup, you can also appreciate the evolution of soccer tactics and formations.  The teams were chosen mostly by European and South American journalists.


1930 World Cup - Uruguay

Comments:  A line-up dominated by the 1930 winners Uruguay, with almost half the team from the world champions. 

Team Formation:  2-3-5 

1934 World Cup - Italy

Comments:  Again, dominated by the world champions - Italy this time. Monti, who played for Argentina four years ago, was now part of the successful Italian team.

Team Formation:  2-3-5


1938 World Cup - France

Commnets:  Italy provides 6 players in this line-up, dominating defense and midfield.  The strikers were the most famous in their respective countries:  Brazil's Leonidas, Italy's Piola, Hungary's Sarosi. 

Team Formation:  2-3-5 


1950 World Cup - Brazil

Comments:  The world champions Uruguay provides only three members.  This is a tournament in which the Latin players did extremely well - with Nilsson being the only non-Latin player in the team 

Team Formation:  W-M


1954 World Cup - Switzerland

Comments:  Hungary's "Golden Team", although did not win the tournament, provides no less than 5 members.  Players like Puskas, Kocsis, Bozsik, Czibor and Grosics were good enough to walk into any team of that time.  Thanks to Hungary, team formations were now about to move away from the traditional 2-3-5 and W-M.  Austria's Ocwirk, originally an attacking center-half, was selected at a deeper position. 
Team Formation: 3-3-4 


1958 World Cup - Sweden

Comments:  Line-up dominated by Brazil.  The team includes all-time greats such as Pele, Garrincha, Kopa, Yashin, Didi, Fontaine, N.Santos. 

Team Formation: 3-2-5 


1962 World Cup - Chile

Comments: Brazil again excelled in this World Cup with Garrincha, D.Santos, Zito and Zagalo selected.  Zagalo now played in midfield instead of the forward line.  The three attackers were all joint top-scorers. 

Team Formation: 4-3-3 


1966 World Cup - England

Comments:  Journalists selected 4 players from England - Banks, Moore, Charlton and Cohen.  Top scorer Eusebio was an automatic selection for his dazzyling display.  Albert's memorable performance against Brazil also guaranteed selection. 

Team Formation: 4-2-4 


1970 World Cup - Mexico

Comments:  Most of these players selected enjoyed lasting fame for their World Cup heroics.  Even the defenders were renowned throughout the world and could score goals. 

Team Formation: 4-3-3 


1974 World Cup - West Germany

Comments:  A line-up dominated by three countries:  Holland, West Germany and Poland. 
Team Formation:  4-3-3 


1978 World Cup - Argentina

Comments:  Surprisingly, only three players from the champions Argentina, with Passarella and Ardiles missing out. 
Formation used:  4-3-3

1982 World Cup - Spain

Comments:  France, Italy and Brazil provided all but two players.  Exicitng attacking talents such as Zico, Platini, Rossi, Boniek and Rummennigge made a mouth-watering attack. 

Team Formation: 4-4-2 


1986 World Cup - Mexico

Comments:  A balanced squad assembled to play modern soccer, with Fernandez anchoring midifeld and Maradona the chief conductor.
Team Formation: 4-3-3 


1990 World Cup - Italy

Comments:  For the first time in World Cup history, most teams played with a five-men defence. (but the formation selected above is still 4-4-2). Top-class defenders can be seen in Baresi, Kohler, Maldini and Brehme.  Matthaus was the midfield anchor man assisted by Giannini.  Hagi was the playmaker. 

Team Formation:  4-4-2 


1994 World Cup - USA

Comments: Romario, Stoichkov, Baggio and Hagi were attackers with flair and skills.
Team Formation: 3-4-3 


World Cup Greatest XI

Comments:  A team good enough to beat any side.  It also include most of the greatest players in soccer history, perhaps with the exception of Matthews, Puskas and Di Stefano. 

Team Formation: 4-3-3 



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