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AGNES OF GOD (Meg Tilly, Jane Fonda, Ann Bancroft) A bunch of nuns are skating on a pond at their convent; Canada.

APARTMENT FOR PEGGY * (Jeanne Crain, William Holden, Edmund Gwen)

BABYCAKES (Ricki Lake) The male protagonist skates.

BAMBI (Disney ) Bambi and Thumper on the ice

BEAUTIFUL GIRLS * (Timothy Hutton, Matt Dillon) A local teen ager is skating on a town pond.

BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE * (Kim Novak, James Stewart, Jack Lemmon) Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart skates in a New York rink.

BISHOP'S WIFE, THE (Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven) Cary Grant and Loretta Young characters are ice dancing on a simulated pond.


BORROWED HEARTS * (Hector Elizondo) A scene with the principles at an ice rink.

BREAKING THE ICE (Charlie Ruggles) A skating troupe on tour.

BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON (Doris Day, Gordon MacRae, Mary Wickes) A scene where a lot of locals are skating on a simulated pond; D. Day and G. MacRae are both actually skating here.

CARMEN ON ICE (Katerina Witt, both Brians)


COOL RUNNINGS (John Candy) A scene including figure skaters, speed skaters and hockey players at the Calgary Olympics.

COUNTESS OF MONTE CRISTO * (Sonja Henie) Her last movie. Typical Sonja Henie movie.

CUTTING EDGE, THE (Moira Kelly, D.B. Sweeney, Terry O'Quinn, Roy Dotrice) A lot of real skating.

D2: MIGHTY DUCKS, THE * (Emilio Estevez) Hockey.

D3: MIGHTY DUCKS, THE * (Emilio Estevez) Hockey.

DON KING: ONLY IN AMERICA * (unknown) Don King character skating at some rink.

DOWNHILL RACER * (Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, Dabney Coleman) A speed skating shot at some imaginary Olympics.

DUCHESS OF IDAHO, THE * (Esther Williams, Van Johnson, Elanor Powell) A short background of the rink at Sun Valley.

ELLERY QUEEN: TOO MANY SUSPECTS * (Jim Hutton, David Wayne) Short skating scene at the Rockefeller Center ice rink with Ellery and his niece.

EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT NIGHT (Sonja Henie, Robert Cummings, Ray Milland) Typical Sonja Henie movie.

FANTASIA (Disney classic)

FARMER'S DAUGHTER, THE * (Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten, Charles Bickford) A scene on a pond

FLASHDANCE (Jennifer Beals) Two skating scenes. One where a friend of the Beals character is skating around her. The other scene is at some sort of local competition where the same friend crashes in the competition several times.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (Roger Moore, Lynn Holly Johnson, Topol) Skating scenes shot at Cortina along with the skiing.

GIGI * (Louis Jourdan, Maurice Chevallier, Leslie Caron, Eva Gabor, Hermione Gingold) A scene where Gaston escorts Gigi to a Paris rink where Gaston's current girlfriend is taking a skating lesson.

GOLDFINGER (Sean Connery, Honor Blackman, Gerte Frobe) A little skating by a pair on a small rink at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami.

GORKY PARK * (John Hurt, Lee Marvin, Brian Dennehy) This movie opens at a skating rink in a Moscow park with a closeup of a pair of ladies' skates.

GRUMPY OLD MEN * (Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Daryl Hannah, Ossie Davis, Ann-Margret, Burgess Meridith) There is a hockey game.

HANS BRINKER AND THE SILVER SKATES * (unknown players) A Disney version of the Dutch classic

HAPPY GILMORE * (Adam Sandler) A failed hockey player with a hairy slapshot becomes golf pro.

HAPPY LANDING * (Sonja Henie, Don Ameche) Typical Sonja Henie movie.

HIGH TIME (Bing Crosby, Tuesday Weld, Yvonne Craig, Fabian, Gavin McLeod) Two scenes of college students skating on a pond.

HOCKEY NIGHT (Rick Moranis) A 14 year old girl becomes the new goalie for a boy's championship hockey team.

ICE-CAPADES (Jerry Colona, Alan Mobray, Phil Silvers) A 1941 movie

ICE CASTLES (Lynn Holly Johnson, Tom Skerritt, Robby Benson, Collene Dewhurst) Lexie is looking for success on the ice but a bad accident risks to destroy her carrer.

ICELAND (Sonja Henie, John Payne) Typical Sonja Henie movie.

IT'S A PLEASURE (Sonja Henie) Typical Sonja Henie movie.

JANUARY MAN (Kevin Kline, Mary Elizabeth Mastranonio, Alan Rickman, Susan Sarandon) The Mastranonio and Kline characters are skating here.

LITTLE WOMEN [1994] (Wynona Rider) Jo and Laurie skating on a pond.

LONG KISS GOODNIGHT, THE * (Geena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson) Two skating scenes. One in which the Davis' character is challenging her daughter to skate and a second where Davis' character crosses a frozen lake to catch someone in a car. Geena Davis appears to have done some and possibly all of her character's skating.

LOVE STORY (Ali McGraw, Ryan O'Neal, Ray Milland ) O'Neal character playing hockey.

MIGHTY DUCKS, THE * (Emilio Estevez) A figure skater in the hockey team wearing figure skates.

MIRACLE ON ICE (Karl Malden) 1980 U.S. hockey team at Lake Placid.

MONEY TRAIN * (Robert Blake, Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes) Rockefeller Center rink.

MY LUCKY STAR * (Sonja Henie, Richard Greene) Typical Sonja Henie movie.

ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE (George Lazenby, Dianna Rigg, Telly Savalas) The Dianna Rigg character (Traci Marc-Ange) skating at a New Year festival in Switzerland.


ONE IN A MILLION (Sonja Henie, Adolph Menjou, Don Ameche) Typical Sonja Henie movie. This one was her movie debut.

PAPERBACK HERO (Keir Dullea, Elizabeth Ashley) Hockey.

PEOPLE VS. DR. KILDARE, THE (Lew Ayres, Lionel Barrymore, Red Skelton) A skater sues for mal practice.

PREACHERS'S WIFE, THE * (Whitney Houston, Denzel Washington, Gregory Hines) A remake of THE BISHOP'S WIFE. Houston and Washington skating.

REAL GENIUS * (Val Kilmer) A scene in which a college "genius" dorm has people ice skating in the hallways on genius-created ice that sublimed like CO2 rather than melting.

ROCKY (Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burgess Meredith) Rocky take his future wife ice skating on an early date.

RONNIE AND JULIA * (Teri Garr) The story of Romeo and Juliet (Ronnie and Julia) in modern time, with Romeo as a hockey player and Julia as a figure skater.

RUNNING MAN, THE * (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Conchita Alonzo, Richard Dawson, Jim Brown) One of the "stalkers" is a hockey skater using a metal hockey stick against the "runners".

SABOTAGE * (unknown players) A scene involving a hockey game.

SECOND FIDDLE (Sonja Henie, Tyrone Power, Rudy Vallee) Typical Sonja Henie movie.

SIX WEEKS (Mary Tyler Moore, Dudley Moore, Katherine Healy)

SLAP SHOT (Paul Newman) A minor league hockey team decides to increase ticket sales by playing dirty.

SNOW WHITE AND THE THREE STOOGES (Carol Heiss, The Three Stooges)

SPLASH (Tom Hanks, Darryl Hannah, John Candy) The Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks characters are skating at what appears to be some rink in New York City

SUDDEN DEATH * (Jean-Claude VanDamme) The location is a Stanley Cup final game arena. Terrorists threaten to blow the place away during the game.

SUN VALLEY SERENADE (Sonja Henie, John Payne, Milton Berle) Typical Sonja Henie movie. Probably the best known of her 11 movies.

TELEFON (Lee Remick, Charles Bronson, Tyne Daly, Sheree North, Donald Pleasence) A scene where Bronson's KGB character is coaching a boys' hockey team in Moscow.

THIN ICE (Sonja Henie, Tyrone Power, Alan Hale) Typical Sonja Henie movie

TO DIE FOR * (Nicole Kidman) This one had several interviews at an ice rink.

TOUCH AND GO (Michael Keaton, Maria Conchita Alanzo) A pro hockey player is hitting on the mother of a juvenile who tried to mug him.

UNMARRIED WOMAN, AN * (Jill Clayburgh) The Jill Clayburgh character skates at the Rockefeller Center rink while "finding herself".

VALLEY OF THE DOLLS * (Patty Duke Astin, Lee Grant, Susan Hayward, Martin Milner, Barbara Parkins, Sharon Tate) A short small town pond scene at the start and an overhead view of the Rockefeller Center rink later in the movie.

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY (Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal, Carrie Fisher) Public skating at Rockefeller Center - background.

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (Sandra Bullock, Peter Boyle) Public skating in an Chicago park - background.

WINTERTIME * (Sonja Henie) Typical Sonja Henie movie

YOUNGBLOOD (Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, Ed Lauter) A minor league hockey player has to prove himself to his teammates.

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