Humorous and Funny Old Comic Postcards

Big Butt

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But, Madame, This Coffee Is Fresh—See the Date Stamped Right On Your Can!
The Three Bares
We're Raising A Big Rumpus
The Water Is Just Up To My Expectations
Boy! Ain't Nature Grand! You Should See Some of the Peaks Here!
Wow! You Ought to See the Development at This Town!
Nature's Bustin' Out All Over!
If You're Broad Minded—Things Are Shaping Up Here ... In A Big Weigh
Hell-o! I'm here for a HEARTY good time.
This Is Us
Sorry I'm A WEIGH BEHIND in my Writing but—That's Me All Over!
The Days Are Long and Dreary but ... I Get Around a Lot at Night
Bearly Able to Write Now—I've Got a Big Bear Behind!
A Southern Exposure is what I've got and take it from me the sun sure is hot!
They say she lost a million but still has plenty to fall back on!
Junior size or is it for yourself?
The Original Billy Watson's Beef Trust
It's the same old moon—but oh! How it has changed!
Have I been places? See the labels on my trunk!
There Are Plenty of Swells Here—But You Know I Wouldn't High-Hat You!
Obey That Impulse! Come on down here and have a smacking good time!
Here's to your health, bottom's up!
Here's to the ladies. Bottom's Up!
There's nothing like travel to broaden your background!
The Biggest Show on Earth!
I Have a Wide Acquaintance Here!
A View of the Great Expanses!
I Just Love a Big Full Moon—Don't You?
Yes, Go On Dear—I'm All Ears!
No, I'm not giving him sugar, it's aspirin!
Have you ever seen anything like that before?
You're not exactly slender
From a southern point of view
And not so safe on one chair
So I better bring you two!

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