Brighella is the boss of Zanni and Arlecchino. Usually a proprietor of a shop, he is never wealthy but is better off than the others. He offers, and is asked to give advice to The Lovers. Brighella is good at and pretends to be many things. He can be a servant, magician, fortune teller -- most anything that is asked of him. He is never a victim, so his status, albeit low, is always secure.


Brighella wears a white shirt, black pants with a green tassle hanging from the side, a white cap, a belt with a purse, and a dagger.


Brighella's mask should convey the intelligent and malicious spirit in him. The mask is accented with a hooked nose, fleshy cheeks, and large eyebrows. He conveys a cynical-mawkish appearance.


Brighella's weight is placed on a bent leg. The other is extended, lightly touching the ground. His elbows are up with his hands spread out. Whether or not he is moving, his feet are constantly moving, dancing back and forth. Like Arlecchino, his back is curved at the lumbar region. When Brighella walks, his head stays in place, but his legs come up to the side and his torso sways from side to side. It is a very soft walk, similar to tip-toeing, the difference being that his legs are spread.


Brighella is a very cynical and sarcastic character. For the audience, he is witty, humorous and deceitful. He will do anything to turn a quick buck, even if it requires him selling his sister. He is a cunning liar on occasion bursting out in angry rants when something doesn't go his way. This is a volatile characer! I have had friends who have turned into mean people after playing Brighella.