Commodore Ramon A. Alcaraz
A 1940 pioneer graduate of the Philippine Military Academy, which was patterned after West Point by two great Americans -- Douglas MacArthur and Dwight D. Eisenhower -- Alcaraz is an authentic war hero.  He was promoted on the spot and decorated personally by General MacArthur in Corregidor for heroism and gallantry in action in January 1942.  He had shot down three Japanese dive bombers as Captain of a zig-zagging "Q" (torpedo) Boat in Manila Bay facing Bataan and Corregidor.  As a result, the war planes failed to bomb their shore objectives.

Quoted from "Anthology of Letters and Speeches of Commodore Alcaraz, Exponent of Seapower." By Ernesto O. Rodriguez
Orange, CA
April 15, 1999

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Name: Commo. Ramon A. Alcaraz