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The Concordia Association of China, English Website
est. 1932

"Organizing the masses to co-operate in building the nation, cultivating a spirit of respect for the rites and glad acceptance of the heavenly commands."
History of the Association

Goals of the Association

Principles to Live By

Kingly Rule in East Asia

The Great Qing Dynasty

The Truth and Manchukuo

The Great Qing Empire

Confucianist Allies Today

Association Positions

Association Leadership

Hall of Honored Heroes

The Great Emperors

Sino-American Relations

The Empire of Japan

The Spreading Cancer

Concordia and Taiwan

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The Concordia Association Speaks to the World on Our Position Concerning Current World Events of Importance
A non-political party seeking the restoration of good and upright Sino-global relations, the restoration of Asian culture, an end to oppression and the rescue of the honor and heritage of the Middle Kingdom from the ruling People's Republic and the reunification of traditional China.

The Whole World Under One Roof

The Chinese People Stand Together:
An end to the monopoly on power of the Chinese Communist Party.

The legal restoration of the "Articles of Favorable Treatment"

An assembly of all Chinese to establish a new and united government.

Official establishment of the Confucian ethical code.

Legal assurance of human rights according to inter-national standards and Chinese tradition.

Restoration of autonomy for Tibet, withdrawl of all Chinese armed forces and return of the Dalai Lama.

Establishment of new era in relations with Japan, the Koreas, Mongolia, Vietnam and Indian subcontinent.

The ultimate restoration of the Great Qing Empire