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Fast Attack Hovercraft (SchnellerAngriffLuftkissenfahrzeug)

Unlike the previous hovercraft, the lack of common rocket sizes among the warring nations meant that a nation-specific weapon had to be used. In this case, I chose to use the 150mm German rockets. The US would probably use 4.5" rockets (or 5" HVARs late in the war), the Russians 132mm rockets, the British the 60-lb rocket and Japan a 20cm rocket. Also unlike the previous hovercraft, which were armored largely in the fashion of ground vehicles, the FAH is armored more like an aircraft. In fact, it may be best to think of the FAH as a very low-flying medium bomber, firing rockets instead of dropping bombs. The FAH has basically one role -- to make hit-and-run attacks on ships and naval facilities. Although the rockets lack the punch and range of torpedoes, they are more accurate and can attack targets above the waterline.

The fast attack hovercraft has a crew of 7. The driver is in the body, between the commander and radio operator (who also operates the bow LMG). The two loaders for the rocket launcher also sit in the hull. One gunner is in each of the AA turrets.

Subassemblies: Waterproofed Gigantic Hovercraft chassis +4, three partial rotation Large Weapon turrets +2, skirts +4.
Powertrain: 3x1933.33-kW aerial turbo HP gasoline engines with 4x675-kW lift fans and 2x1550-kW thrust fan and 450-gallon standard fuel tank [Body], 20,000-kW batteries. Fuel Consumption: 290 gph
Occupancy: 5 CS Body, 1 CS Turrets #1-2 Cargo: None

Body: all 3/5 but U 4/20
Skirts: 4/65
Hull crew: 0/+40 all sides
Tur#1-2 gunners: FRLT 0/+30

10x150mm Rocket Launchers [Tur#3:F] (30).
2x20mm Long Ground AC [Tur#1:F] (1,620).
2x20mm Long Ground AC [Tur#2:F] (1,620).
Ground LMG [Body:F] (1,000).

Body: Medium radio receiver and transmitter, precision navigation instruments, 5-mile non-targeting radar, 1.5-kW traversing gear for turret (44 deg/sec). Turrets: Universal mounts. Open Mount: 1-kW traversing gear (21 deg/sec).

Size: 26'x12'x8' Payload: 4.31 tons Lwt: 26.78 tons
Volume: 350 Maint.: 14 hours Price: $196,000

HT: 8
HP: 900 [body], 120 [turrets], 650 [skirts]
hSpeed: 271 hAccel: 4.6 hDecel: 4 hMR: 1 hSR: 3
Max Lift: 27 tons
Floatation: 31.25 tons

Design Notes
Twenty armored crew stations were purchased for the hull crew, and two armored crew stations for each of the turret gunners. 1