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About This Site

Hi! I'm your host, Copper.

So what are micro heroes?

Micro heroes are little character lo-res bitmaps created from a common set of basic templates. Thousands have been created by web users all over the globe for just about any category of characters you can think of. Here at this site I focus on Golden Age comic book characters.

So why create them?

For fun. Since you create them from templates, almost anyone can create micros...even people who can't draw! If you can color a coloring book, and if you can copy and paste on a computer, you, too can create your own micro heroes. And you don't even need a fancy graphics program, either. 99.9% of the micros I've created on this site were created using nothing more than the plain vanilla Microsoft Paint graphics program that comes free with Windows.

Can I use those Custom Copper Templates to create my own micro heroes?

Sure! That's what they’re there for.

When I hold my mouse cursor over a micro, why do I see gobbledygook text?

I've included some bonus information in the "tool tip" text box. In addition to a character's name, I list the publishing company like Better or Gleason or Fox etc. who published the character. For international characters (i.e. published outside the USA), I've included country of origin like United Kingdom (UK) or Australia (AU) or Canada (CAN) etc. For characters that underwent costume changes, I've posted in order the costume as it evolved, indicating this with "[a]" or "[b]" letters, etc.

Where can I find out more?

Funny you should ask…

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