Golden Age Villains & Vultures
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The Ace, foe of Superman (National) Ar-Val, foe of Superman [aka The Tyrant Superman] (National) The Arab Avenger, foe of Starman (National) The Archer, foe of Batman [Australian reprint version] (National) Armless Tiger Man, foe of the Angel (Timely) The Atom Master, foe of Superman & Batman (National) Baldy, foe of Green Lantern (National) Baron Gestapo, archfoe of Steel Sterling (MLJ) Baron von Gatz, archfoe of Capt Midnight (Fawcett) The Beast, archfoe of The Eagle (Fox) The Black Arrow, foe of Green Arrow (National) The Black Beauty, foe of Capt Marvel (Fawcett) The Black Death, foe of the Woman in Red (Better) The Black Knight [aka the Radium King], archfoe of Steel Stirling (MLJ) The Black Raven, archfoe of Speed Savage (Canada) The Black Rogue, foe of Batman (National) The Black Spider, foe of Bulletman (Fawcett) The Black Star, archfoe of the Seven Soldiers of Victory (National) The Blaze, foe of Batman (National) The Blaze, foe of Green Arrow (National) The Blue Bowman [aka Signalman], foe of Batman (National) The Blue Flame, foe of The Spectre (National) Bogardus, foe of Yankee Doodle Jones (Chesler) The Bookworm, foe of The Black Hood (MLJ) The Brain Wave, archfoe of the Justice Society of America (National) Bulletcrook, foe of Bulletman (Fawcett) The Calendar Man, foe of Batman ['Summer Sun' costume] (National) The Camera Curse, foe of Starman (National) Capt Murder, foe of the Web (MLJ) Cat-Man, foe of Batman (National) The Cat's Paw, archfoe of the Angel (Timely) The Chameleon, foe of the Grim Reaper (Better) Chandu, the Gorilla with X-Ray Eyes, foe of Superboy (National) The Changeling, foe of the Flash (National) The Checker, foe of Nightmare (Hillman) The Clock, archfoe of Robin the Boy Wonder (National) The Composite Superman, archfoe of Superman & Batman (National) The Cougar, foe of Mr. Risk (Ace) Count Berlin, foe of The Web (MLJ) [a] Count Berlin, foe of The Web (MLJ) [b] Count von Grün, archfoe of Liberty (Green) Count Vestri, foe of Diana the Huntress (Gerona) The Creeper, foe of Steel Sterling (MLJ) The Crime Man, foe of Capt Marvel Jr. (Fawcett) The Crime Surgeon, foe of Batman (National) The Crimson Abbot, foe of the Banshee (Fox) The Crimson Archer, archfoe of Green Arrow (National) Deadshot, foe of Batman (National) The Death Mask, foe of the Blue Beetle (Fox) Death's Head, foe of the Hood (Holyoke) The Dictator's Shadow, archfoe of the Lone Warrior (Ace) Dizasta, archfoe of Pyroman (Better) The Doc [aka the Doctor of Terror Castle], archfoe of the Moth (Fox) Dr. Clever, foe of Johnny Quick (National) Dr. Daka, archfoe of Batman [Batman movie serial version] (National) Dr. Death, foe of Batman (National) Dr. Deemon, foe of Capt Freedom (Harvey) Dr. Deemon's Dee-Men (Harvey) Dr. Destiny, foe of Bulletman (Fawcett) Dr. Diablo, foe of Lightning (Ace) Dr. Diablo's Grave Robbers (Ace) Dr. Doog, foe of Starman (National) Dr. Double X [aka Dr. X], foe of Batman (National) [a] Dr. Double X [aka Dr. X], foe of Batman (National) [b] Dr. X 's energy double, Double X (National) Dr. Drool, archfoe of the Flame (Fox) Dr. Eptil, archfoe of the Black Terror (Better) Dr. Gaunt, foe of the Cat-Man (Holyoke) Dr. Glisten, foe of Hourman (National) Dr. Igor, archfoe of Lance Rand (Holyoke) Dr. Igor's creation, Number Seven (Holyoke) Dr. Kazarr, foe of Thunderfist (Canada) Dr. Leech, foe of Capt Terror (Timely) Dr. Macabre, archfoe of the Cat-Man (Holyoke) Dr. Mortal, foe of all mankind (Fox) Dr. Nikola, archfoe of all mankind (AU) Dr. Nikola's companion [unnamed intelligent black cat] (AU) Dr. Nippon, archfoe of Capt Courageous (Ace) Dr. No-Face, foe of Batman (National) Dr. Royce, foe of Nightmare (Hillman) Dr. Scowl, foe of Minimidget (Ace) Dr. Skull, foe of Red Blazer (Harvey) The Dude, foe of Bulletman (Fawcett) The Eel, foe of Lightning (Ace) The Eel, foe of the Flash (National) The Eel, foe of the Star-Spangled Kid (National) The Ether People, foes of Nelvana (Canada) The Evil Genius [aka Fritz Mann], foe of the Target  (Novelty) The Faceless Phantom, archfoe of Doc Strange (Ace) The False Spectre, foe of The Spectre (National) The Fire Fiend, foe of Dizzy Don (Canada) The Firefly [aka Ted Carson], foe of Batman (National) The Firefly [aka the Human Firefly aka Garfield Lynns], foe of Batman (National) Five By Five, foe of the Shield (MLJ) The Fop, foe of Green Lantern (National) Funnibone, foe of the Black Owl (Prize) The Future Man, foe of the All Winners Squad (Timely) The Giant Brain, foe of the Spectre (National) The Gimp, foe of the Eagle (Fox) Gloat, archfoe of the Blue Beetle (Fox) The Gorgon's Head, foe of Bulletman (Fawcett) The Gorilla [aka the Gorilla with the Human Brain], foe of all mankind (Fox) The Great Question, archfoe of Amazing Man (Centaur) The Green Skull, archfoe of the Night Hawk (Harvey) Greenface, foe of Green Arrow (National) The Grey Claw, foe of all mankind (Belgium) The Grey Hood, archfoe of Ajax the Sun Man (Street & Smith) The Grim Marauder, foe of Batman (National) The Hand, archfoe of the Seven Soldiers of Victory (National) The Hangman, foe of Capt America (Timely) The Headless Horror, foe of Bulletman (Fawcett) The Hood, foe of the Chameleon (Novelty) The Hooded Hunchback, foe of Starman (National) The Hooded Master, foe of the Flame (Fox) The Hooded Spectre of Death, foe of the Blue Beetle (Fox) Hugo Strange, foe of Batman (National) The Human Fly, foe of Inferno (MLJ) The Human Key, foe of Batman (National) The Human Magnet, foe of Batman (National) The Hunchback Horror, foe of Bentley of Scotland Yard (MLJ) The Hunter, archfoe of the Hangman (MLJ) Ian Karkull, archfoe of Dr. Fate (National) [pre-shadow form] Ian Karkull, archfoe of Dr. Fate (National) [shadow form] Ibac, archfoe of Captain Marvel (Fawcett) The Inventor, foe of Dr. Fate (National) [a] The Inventor, foe of Dr. Fate (National) [b] The Juggler, foe of Green Lantern (National) Kali, archfoe of Zardi the Eternal Man (Centaur) Kalthoon, archfoe of The Spectre (National) [a] Kalthoon, archfoe of The Spectre (National) [b] King Krypton, foe of Superman [aka the Gorilla of Steel] [an unnamed Kryptonian scientist who gets transformed into a gorilla by an evolution accelerator and then rocketed into space where he eventually lands on Earth] (National) King of Cats [aka the Cat King], archfoe of Batman (National) King Zeus, foe of the Martian Manhunter (National) Kingorilla, foe of Superboy (National) The Kite-Man, foe of Batman (National) Knodar the Last Criminal, foe of Green Lantern (National) Krishna Das, foe of Dr. Fate (National) Kull-Ex, foe of Superman [aka The Outlaw from Space] (National) The Lady Killer, foe of Presto Martin (Gleason) The Leader, foe of Yankee Doodle Jones (Chesler) The Lightning King, foe of Bulletman (Fawcett) The Limping Mummy, foe of Bulletman (Fawcett)