Copper's Golden Age Micro Heroes -- Original Characters
Golden Age Heroes & Zeroes

Copper's Original Heroes
All original characters 2004-2005 Copper Age.

America's Best
(Best/Nadir/Standing Magazines)
Better Man, Smarter than the Average Hun Blind Man Bluff -- Justice is Blind! Boot Hill, Prairie Justice in the Pacific Capt Crusader, the Fighting Flag Col. Tomorrow, Man From 1987 Doc Hawk, the Super-Globetrotter Dr. Doodle, America's Second Bravest Defender The Electric Flame, Battery of Might Graveyard [aka The Graveyard Terror], Sinister Hero of the Night King Tut, Avenger of the Ages King Tut's Magical Cat, Isis The Hooded Heroine, Lady for Liberty Yankee Eagle, America's Winged Guardian The Yankee Sphinx and his Magic Elixir
Costumed Crimefighters Club
(Farrah Comics)
Capt. Twilight, Gliding Guardian of America Cheops, Ancient King Reborn Guardsman, the Citzen Hero Mr. Emerald, Luck's Legonnaire Mr. Emerald's pal, Greenie Shellhead, the Human Projectile Shellhead's partner, Shelly Spycatcher, Agent MQ5
America's Defenders
(American Assembly Pub.)
Brother Swift, the Victory Speedster Doc Detroit, the One-Man Arsenal Heracles, Son of Battle The Panther Chief, Great African King Professor Colossus, World's Biggest Bookworm Skeeter, Professor Colossus' perky partner Robin Yank, America's Archer Sister Salem, the Warrior Witch
Masters of Axis (Villains)
(American Assembly Pub.)
The Axis Dynamo, archfoe of Doc Detroit Baron von Verworfen, archfoe of America's Defenders Drang the Invader, archfoe of America's Defenders The Hook, archfoe of the Panther Chief Master Magnet, archfoe of Brother Swift and Sister Salem Pluto, God of Evil, archfoe of Heracles The Space Bundist, shapechanging foe of America's Defenders Spinmeister, whirling foe of Professor Colossus and Skeeter