Golden Age Heroes & Zeroes

Jan-Feb 04 Updates

29 Feb 2004
Mad Hatter (O.W. Comics Corp.) Marvel Boy [first version] (Timely) Master Key (Chesler) Merlin (Quality) 'Alias X' (Holyoke) De Moker [The Sledgehammer] (Dutch) Bob Crack (Dutch) Lex Brand (Dutch) Spot Morton (Dutch) Dick Bos (Dutch) [a] Dick Bos (Dutch) [b] Dick Bos (Dutch) [c] Dick Bos (Dutch) [d] Brick Bradford (King Features--AU version) Don Q (Quality) The Witness [first version] (Timely) The Witness [second version] (Timely) Robot Archie (UK) Bob Merrit (National) Halcon, Lord of the Crater Land (UK) Mr. Murdo (Regor) Steve Samson (UK) The Flame (Ajax) [a] The Flame (Ajax) [b] The Four Comrades (Better)

19 Feb 2004
Capt Freedom (Harvey) [a] Capt Freedom (Harvey) [b] Capt Freedom (Harvey) [c] Capt Freedom (Harvey) [d] Capt Freedom (Harvey) [e] Capt Freedom (Harvey) [f] Capt Freedom (Harvey) [g] Capt Freedom (Harvey) [h]

14 Feb 2004
Bart Regan, Spy (National) Lt. Drake of Naval Intelligence (Fox) Volto from Mars (General Foods) Rocket Kelly (Fox) Zago, Jungle Prince (Fox) 13 (Gleason) [c] 13's pal, Jinx (Gleason) [b] Hip Knox (Gernsback) The Voice (Dell) Radior, The X-Ray Powerman (Dell) Dynamic Boy (Chesler) [aka Kent Banning] The Fantom of the Fair (Centaur) Fantoman (Centaur) [a] Fantoman (Centaur) [b] The Iron Skull (Centaur) [a] The Iron Skull (Centaur) [b] The Iron Skull (Centaur) [c]

10 Feb 2004
Mr. X (FR) Radarius (FR) Salvator (FR) The Black Spider (Ace) Capt Victory (Ace) Bobby Bell (MLJ) Dr. Nemesis (Ace) Dr. Fate (National) [a] Dr. Fate (National) [b] Dr. Fate (National) [c] Dr. Fate (National) [d] The Whistler (Quality) Red Rube (MLJ) Red Logan (National) Miracle Man (UK) [a] Miracle Man (UK) [b] Miracle Man (UK) [c]

06 Feb 2004
The Flagman (Holyoke) The Flagman's pal, Rusty (Holyoke) Solar, Master of Magic (Holyoke) Inferno, the Flame Breather (MLJ) The Marvel (MLJ) Dr. Frost (Prize) The Ray (Quality) Steel Kerrigan (Quality)

04 Feb 2004
Wonder Man (Fox) Johnny Peril (National) Mr. E (Chesler) Ace Barton (Canada) Atomas (FR) The Atom (National) [a] The Avenger (IW Pub) Atom-Man (AU) Lando, Master of Magic (National) [c]

30 Jan 2004
The Vision (Timely) [a] The Black Angel (Hillman) Black Venus (Holyoke) The Bald Eagle (Hillman) [a] The Bald Eagle (Hillman) [b] Super-American (Fiction House) [a] Super-American (Fiction House) [b] Sub Saunders (Fox) The Flying Dutchman (Hillman) Judo Joe (Jay-Jay) Flying Fist (Prize) [a] Flying Fist's pal, Bingo (Prize) [a] Capt Terror (Timely) [a] Capt Terror (Timely) [b] American Ace (Timely) Tabu, Wizard of the Jungle (Fiction House) [a]

13 Jan 2004
Fireball (MLJ) Spacehawk (Novelty/Premium) Hercules (Quality) The Flame (Fox) [a] The Flame (Fox) [b] Major Inapak, Space Ace (Inapak Foods) Fly-Man (Harvey) Capt Kidd (Fox) Flip Falcon of the 4th Dimension (Fox) The Black Hood (MLJ) [a] The Black Hood (MLJ) [b] Black Jack (MLJ) Paul Bunyan (Quality) The Blue Streak (Holyoke) The Falcon (Timely) Moon Man (Timely) Casey Ruggles (United Features Syndicate) Mr. Mystic (Eisner/Spirit) Boogey Man (Rural Home/Enwill) Blue Diamond (Timely) Capt Strong (Timely) Triple Terror [aka Chemix, Lectra, and Menta] (United Features Syndicate) Templates 125%-scale Giant Male Template