Golden Age Heroes & Zeroes

Sep-Oct 04 Updates

14 Oct 2004
The Green Man (Charlton) The Spectre (National) The Wraith (Fox) Mr. Justice (MLJ) The Invisible Man (Timely) Ghost Woman (Canada) Mr. Monster (Canada) Villains The False Spectre, foe of The Spectre (National)

13 Oct 2004
Zardi, the Eternal Man (Centaur) Zatara (National) Beau Brummell (Gerona) The Reckoner (Holyoke) [a] The Reckoner (Holyoke) [b] The King (National) [a] The King (National) [b] Mandrake the Magician (King Features) Uncle Sam (Quality)

12 Oct 2004
Green Ghost (Harvey) Red Robbins (Fox) Red Torpedo (Quality) The Black Condor (Quality) The Blue Blade (Timely) Golden Girl (Timely) The Silver Scorpion (Timely) [a] The Silver Scorpion (Timely) [b] Red Rogue (Canada)

9 Oct 2004
Joanie Swift, Queen of Speed (National) Aquagirl [aka Selena] (National) [a] Aquagirl [aka Selena] (National) [b] Ajax, the Sun Man (Street & Smith) [b] The American Avenger [aka El Gaucho] (Timely) Johnny Quick (National) [a] Johnny Quick (National) [b] Johnny Quick (National) [c] Monako, Prince of Magic (Timely)

8 Oct 2004
Atomic Thunderbolt (Regor) Vapo-Man (Centaur) Grenade (Four Star) Solar Boy (National) [b] The Raven of Ravenscourt (AU) Wonderman (UK) [a] Wonderman (UK) [b] The Cat (FR) Black Boy (FR) Super Spy 5Y-8R (Centaur) Black Satan (Chesler) Sky Chief (Chesler) Yankee Boy (Chesler) [b] Mr. Mystery (Media) War Eagle (Gleason) Villains The Crimson Archer, archfoe of Green Arrow (National) The Chameleon, foe of the Grim Reaper (Better)

10 Sep 2004
Red Panther (Fiction House) [d] The Masked Archer (AU) ***update*** The Arrow (Centaur) [a] The Arrow (Centaur) [b] The Arrow (Centaur) [c] The Marksman (Quality) [a] The Marksman (Quality) [b] Alias the Spider (Quality) Golden Arrow (Fawcett) Green Arrow (National) Green Arrow's pal, Speedy (National) Bolt (National) Queen Arrow (National) Miss Arrowette (National) [a] Miss Arrowette (National) [b] Girl Archer (National) Diana the Huntress (Gerona)
Villains The Black Arrow, foe of Green Arrow (National) Zog, King of Mars, foe of the Shark (Centaur) Dr. Destiny, foe of Bulletman (Fawcett) Death's Head, foe of the Hood (Holyoke) Count Vestri, foe of Diana the Huntress (Gerona) The Human Fly, foe of Inferno (MLJ) Templates Byrne Male Archer Base Byrne Male Archer Adult Male Bow
Byrne Male Demi-Buff Archer Base Byrne Male Demi-Buff Archer Adult Male Bow Byrne Male Teen Archer Base Byrne Male Teen Archer Teen Male Bow Byrne Female Archer Base Byrne Female Archer Adult Female Bow Byrne Female Teen Archer Base Byrne Female Teen Archer Teen Female Bow

4 Sep 2004
Pyroman (Better) [a] Pyroman (Better) [b] Pyroman (Better) [c] Pyroman (Better) [d] Capt Courageous (Ace) [a] Capt Courageous (Ace) [b] Super-Girl [Magic Totem Supergirl] (National) [a] Super-Girl [Magic Totem Supergirl] (National) [b] Tigerman (National) Supremo (National) Mighto (National) The Second Superman [aka Kell Orr from Xenon, Krypton's twin] (National) Manhunter from Neptune (National) Cyclone (Nita) Ace of the Newsreels (Golfing/McCombs) Vic Cutter [Golfing/McCombs] The Ferret (Centaur) The Fire-Man (Centaur) [b]