Golden Age Heroes & Zeroes

Sep 05 Updates

24 Sep 2005
Capt Flag and his American Eagle, Yank (MLJ) Yankee Eagle [aka Jerry Noble] and his pal, Sam (Quality) The Masked Raider and his pal, Talon the Golden Eagle (Charlton) Copper ***Update*** Jungle King and Eric the Talking Lion (Fawcett)
Villains The Black Knight [aka the Radium King], archfoe of Steel Stirling (MLJ) Baron Gestapo, archfoe of Steel Sterling (MLJ) The Bookworm, foe of The Black Hood (MLJ) Mr. Black, foe of the Silver Scorpion (Timely) Templates Lion *roar!!!* Male Spread Eagle with Eagle

22 Sep 2005
The Shield (MLJ) [a] The Shield (MLJ) [b] The Shield (MLJ) [c] The Shield (MLJ) [d] The Shield (MLJ) [e] The Shield (MLJ) [f] The Shield (MLJ) [g] The Shield (MLJ) [h] Firebrand (Quality) The Jester (Quality) The Wizard (MLJ) [a] The Wizard (MLJ) b] The Wizard (MLJ) [c] The Wizard (MLJ) [d] The Wizard (MLJ) [e] #711 (Quality) [a] #711 (Quality) [b] Gunmaster (Hillman) Nevada Jones, Cattle Detective (MLJ) The Cloak (Columbia) Doc Strong (MLJ) Villains The Hunter, archfoe of the Hangman (MLJ) The Strangler, archfoe of the Shield (MLJ) [a] The Strangler, archfoe of the Shield (MLJ) [b] Link Banners Link Banner 2 Link Banner 5 Link Banner 3 Link Banner 4 Link Banner 6 Link Banner 7

19 Sep 2005
Superargo (Italy) Argoman (Italy) Cyclone, the Steel Man [aka Ciclone](Italy) Fascinax (FR) [a] Fascinax (FR) [b] The Judge (Rural Home) Capt 3-D (Harvey) Crash Carter, Air Cadet (Better) Yankee Girl (I.W. Publications) Ace of Spades [aka Asso di Picche] (Italy) Gale Leary, Will O' The Wisp (Consolidated) Spymaster (Columbia) The Mercury Man (Charlton) Fantomah (Fiction House) [a] Fantomah (Fiction House) [b] The Iron Ace (Hillman) The Black Commander (Hillman)
Templates Male Orator Male .50 Cal Machine Gunner Base Browning M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun Parts Male .50 Cal Machine Gunner Composite Male .50 Cal Machine Gunner With Ammo Belt Composite

14 Sep 2005
The Sandman (National) [a] The Sandman (National) [c] The Sandman (National) [d] The Sandman (National) [e] The Sandman (National) [f] Capt Venture (Fawcett) Dr. Styx (Prize) Flash Cameron (Prize) Blackstone the Magician (Street & Smith) The Black Owl (Prize) Rick Howard, Mystery Rider (Better) O'Malley of the 4th Precinct (National) Azan the Ape Man (Pulps) Tarzan of the Apes (Pulps) Morgyn the Mighty (Pulps) Villains Tarantula, foe of The Sandman (National) The Puzzler, archfoe of the Black Terror (Better)

9 Sep 2005
The Hooded One [aka El Encapuchado] (MEX) Man-Fly [aka Hommosca] (MEX) The Black Monk [aka el Monje Negro] (MEX) The Scorpion (Brazil) Black Ray (Brazil) Zigomar (Yugoslavia) Dottie Virvelvind [aka Dotty Whirlwind] (SWE) The Sandman (National) [b]

6 Sep 2005
Capt Justice (AU) The Purple Rider (Canada) Billy West (Better) Iron Vic (United Features) Capt Strato (AU) Villains King Zeus, foe of the Martian Manhunter [National] The Black Star, archfoe of the Seven Soldiers of Victory (National) Templates Male Robe Toga

4 Sep 2005
The Black Diamond (Gleason) The Hooded Rider (AU) Bulls Eye (Mainline) The Outlaw Kid (Timely) The Vigilante (National) Templates Male Archer Base Winchester Rifle Winchester Rifle With Hand Male Rifleman Winchester Rifle Composite