A Coronation Book for Queen Anne Boleyn


 On 1 June 1533, Anne Boleyn, the mistress of King Henry VIII of England, achieved her greatest triumph. Overcoming great adversity, including the enmity of foreign powers and the opposition of the Church, she was crowned Queen of England. It was a moment Anne had eagerly anticipated for seven years. She and the King had already wedded in secret, Henry's marriage to his first wife Katherine of Aragon was annulled, and now Anne carried the nation's longed for heir. It was little wonder that the motto she chose at her crowning was The Most Happy.

 Anne’s happiness was only marred by the reception of the sullen London crowds who regarded her as an upstart and as the King’s concubine. Nevertheless, the coronation festivities were a great piece of theatrical showmanship and political propaganda. Anne was hailed as the progenitor of a great new age - it was foretold that it was her ‘son’ who will bring forth a ‘golden world’ unto the English. The prediction was half correct. In time it was a daughter, Elizabeth, who was to fulfill the expectation.

Henry VIII (by Joos van Cleve)

Anne Boleyn (by an unknown artist)


 A description of Anne Boleyn’s coronation was set down in pamphlet form shortly after the festivities by the London printer Wynkin de Worde. Entitled The Noble Tryumphaunt Coronacyon of Quene Anne - Wyfe unto the Noble Kynge Henry the VIII,  it consisted of 11 typeset pages with a rather crude woodcut of a courtly scene on the front cover.


Right: The Noble Tryumphaunt Coronacyon of Quene Anne - Wyfe unto the Noble Kynge Henry the VIII (printed by Wynkyn de Worde in 1533)



 The coronation book on this web site is a transcription done by hand of Wynkin de Worde’s pamphlet. The book (measuring 4” x 5”) was done on calfskin vellum with illustrations and miniature portraits in watercolor. Gold leaf was applied throughout. The project was begun in January 2002, and was completed in March 2004.

 A special thanks to Martin Spies for providing me with a copy of the original coronation text.


                                                                                                                                                Roland H. Hui

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