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Author:  Tanjug (Yu)  

Publisher/Date:  September 26, 1999  

Title:  KLA terrorists burn baby alive  

Original location:

PRIZREN - A six-month-year-old Serbian baby from Prizren, was first kidnapped by ethnic Albanian terrorists, and then burned alive, Tanjug has learned fom the Center for Pecae and Tolerance in that town.

The baby's "fault" was that its Serbian mother, Dragana Mladenovic, had refused to leave Prizren.

The unprecedented crime was perpetrated by ethnic Albanian terrorists on September 21, and on the following day were killed Darko Dojcinovski (24), from Tetovo and Jordan Kosic (41) from Prizren, the Center for Peace and Tolerance said.

On Thursday, September 23, was killed a Roma Adem Krueziju in his house in Prizren, and Dejan Cvetkovic was kidnapped.

Ethnic Albanian terrorists burned down in a Prizren suburn 26 Serbian houses, and in Prizren itself three houses.

Only because they spoke Serbian in a market place in Prizren, Dragan and Stevan Smiljanic were beaten up, said the center for Peace and Tolerance in that town.

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