Grandparent's Book Poems Grandma & Grandpa, though it might be quite puzzling as the pictures are few. But every few months if you don't make a fuss, We'll send (give) you more pages with pictures of us! ------------- Here's a little scrapbook with our memories of you. It's filled with all our love and some special wishes, too. We hope the joy it brings you will forever touch your heart, like the way you've done for others, just by being who you are. More pages will be coming because we're growing more each day and we wanted to be with you even though we're miles away. ------------- To Grandma & Grandpa, with love..... This is a special scrapbook; We've made it just for you. You'll notice that, as we grow, Your scrapbook will grow, too! We know you can't always be near, To watch us as we change, So instead of pictures in an envelope-- We'll send an album page. Then place it in your special book. Enjoy your photos and our art. But, be sure to read our words of love, That's the most important part! Love Always

Few can find the warmth
We can find in their embrace.
And little more is needed to bring love
Than the smile on their face.

They've a supply of precious stories,
Yet they've time to wipe a tear,
Or give us reasons to make us laugh.
They grow more precious through the years.

I believe that God sent us grandparents
As our legacy from above.
To share the moments of our life 
As extra measures of his love.

Grandparents Creed
For hearts of love that never stop giving.
Helping you appreciate the joy of living.
For home-made meals at Holiday Season
and favorite stories beyond all reason.
Two Saints that can't be pictured apart
I love my Grandparents with all my heart!

Grandma's Brag Book
by Katherine Nelson
"Just happen to have them with me..."
This is what I say.
But when it comes down to it,
I plan it just that way!

Just happen to have the pictures
Of my sweet grandchildren here---
I like it when folks say, "He's cute,"
Or, "isn't she a dear?"

Grandparents keep these photographs
And show them near and far...
Their pride is understandable---
That's how grandparents are!!!

Walking With Grandma
I like to walk with Grandma.
Her steps are short like mine.
She doesn't say "Now hurry up".
She always takes her time.

I like to walk with Grandma.
Her eyes see things like mine do.
Wee pebbles bright, a funny cloud,
Half hidden drops of dew.

Most people have to hurry-
they do not stop and see.
I'm glad that God made Grandma-
Unrushed and young like me.

Grandma's Hugs Are Made With Love
Everything my Grandma does
is something special made with love.
She takes the time to add the touch
that says "I love you very much".

She fixes hurts with a kiss and a smile
and tells good stories grandma-style.
It's warm and cozy on her lap
for secret telling or a nap.

And when I say my prayer at night
I ask God to bless and hold her tight.
Cause when it comes to giving hugs,
my Grandma's arms are filled with love!

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