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Spotlight on: The Dot Connection by Dawn Marcelle

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The Dot Connection by Dawn Marcelle Dawn Marcelle, The Dot Connection

"It's not paranoia if they're really after you." -- tagline for Enemy of the State

Dawn Marcelle, in her book The Dot Connection calls herself a "big-picture dot-connecting nerd." I don't know about the nerd part, but about the dot connecting there can be no doubt. Through her work as a fuel injector engineer in Louisiana, she became party to secret conversations that are still causing echoes.

The Dot Connection is an expose regarding many different famous people (whose names will be familiar to followers of recent events), particularly those high in the American government and their connections with not only the Enron debacle, but also with the murder of thousands of people in the biggest catastrophe to ever hit New York City and Washington, D.C., in the same day. (Just think about it for a second.)

Her main worry is that no one will believe her--and I cannot vouch for the accuracy of her facts--but she has such confidence to make that fear all but invalid. People who have tried to discredit her have yet to find any holes in her story and you can't help but be swayed by the prose in her book. The Dot Connection is a terrific read, filled with some of the most passionate, immediate writing I've read recently. And her obvious articulacy is a big plus in my book when it comes to credibility. It's well-paced--making sure to give the reader a break between bombshells--and Marcelle writes with a striking, persuasive voice. She has crafted quite a thriller out of the events in her life.

Of course, as she mentions late in her book, a cynic like myself has no trouble at all believing her. Since Nixon and the Watergate Hotel fiasco, we here in the United States have known that our presidents can't be trusted. And it's gotten worse with each successive administration--to the point that if someone says to me that the government conspired to kill thousands of people just to get rid of one potentially dangerous (to them) individual, I simply hang my head and nod sadly.

Marcelle is quite aware that the information in her book is shocking and--as I can vouch, the more I consider it--haunting. But it is information the public needs. Whether you believe her or not--and it is difficult to find a place in my mind for such psyche-twisting revelations--a reader of The Dot Connection cannot deny that Dawn Marcelle has written a persuasive argument for her case.

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