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Film Reviews by Category

Films reviewed with a discerning eye.

  • Action -- Non-stop motion, excitement, and very little character development. But that's a good thing!
  • Classics -- Mostly from the 1950's or before, but I suppose one from the 1960's could slip in every now and then.
  • Comedy -- Guaranteed to make your knees raw from slapping. Ouch, that's funny! There's a separate page for Stand-Up.
  • Drama -- Straight-up representations of life the way it is.
  • Film Noir -- Stylish and dark, these show the underbelly of life.
  • Foreign -- Films from other lands. Portraits of other cultures. Cinema from exotic places. That kind of thing.
  • Horror -- Gruesome examples of death, done in a particularly creative manner.
  • Mockumentaries -- False documentaries making fun of beloved institutions.
  • Musicals -- People break into song for no apparent reason, but we go along with it anyway.
  • Science-Fiction and Fantasy -- Films with a speculative bent.
  • Shakespeare -- Adaptations for celluloid of the works of the greatest playwright of the English language.
  • Stylish -- These films are particularly visual or contain groundbreaking moviemaking. Rest your eyes beforehand, because they will be getting a workout. Often (but not always) relegates substance to a back seat.
  • Suspense -- These are the ones that tap into your spine, pump your adrenaline and drag you screaming onto a rickety rollercoaster with no brakes.
  • Western -- Cinematic renderings of the myth that is frontier America.