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Craig's Miscellaneous Other Reviews

These are just other things I've reviewed on Amazon that I wanted to include here.

Men's Stainless Steel Eco-Drive blue dial watch Citizen, Men's Stainless Steel Eco-Drive blue dial watch

This Eco-Drive (from Citizen) base model is undoubtedly the best watch I've ever owned. It runs on light so it never needs winding and never needs batteries. I can depend on this watch all the time and never be concerned I'm going to miss an important appointment due to my watch stopping unexpectedly. Plus, the blue dial lends just that extra bit of style.

A great feature is that the watch lets you know when it is about to run down. The watch's second hand only moves every two seconds to conserve energy. Just hold it up to a bright light for a few minutes and you're ready to go again. When fully charged, it will run for six months without light, perfect for those who live or work in dark places.

Yeah, maybe the Eco-Drive is a little expensive for people looking for a simple watch, but this is an investment because you'll never have to spend another penny on keeping your timepiece operational. And that, as they say in the MasterCard commercials, is priceless.

Cuisinart, Cuisinart Blade and Disc Holder

I was tremendously excited when I found the Cuisinart Blade and Disc Holder offered for sale on Amazon. We had been keeping our Cuisinart blades in an old Danish cookie tin (certainly an alternative for the family on a budget) and were ready to upgrade to an actual working piece of equipment.

It is wonderful. It keeps the blades within easy reach, while keeping the sharp edges out of the way. It looks surprisingly stylish sitting on our countertop--all curves, white an clear--plus, there is a safety catch to keep the lid from opening accidentally.

The Cuisinart Blade and Disc Holder is a wonderful accessory for the newly Cuisinart-ed kitchen. I can recommend it unreservedly.

Sony, Sony In-Ear Headphones (MDR-W08L)

I was looking for a good pair of headphones to replace the ones that came with my portable (the kind that just barely cover the ear and then not very well--you know what I mean) when I came across these.

I was a little skeptical because of the price (I was under the misconception that good headgear has to cost a bundle).

Boy, was I surprised.

The first time I put them on (riding on the commuter train) I was amazed at the sound quality. They beat the ones I had 100% in total sound reaching the ear canal. This helped block out the extraneous sounds of engine and multiple conversations. Plus, the bass was solid as well. As an added bonus, they are incredibly light and are plastic so the headband doesn't scratch your head (something that has irked me with other headsets).

With this level quality, and for this price, you just can't go wrong.

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