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Spotlight on: Run Lola Run soundtrack
Alternate: Stunt by Barenaked Ladies

Run Lola Run soundtrack Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Run Lola Run

Tom Tykwer's 1999 frenetic film Run Lola Run was one of the best films of the year. With all the talk about its speed, its dialogue, its universality, and its star -- the wonderful Franka Potente -- one thing seems to have been forgotten: Run Lola Run has a kicking soundtrack.

Director Tom Tykwer (who also wrote the film) cowrote the thumpingly creative electronic score with Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil (known as Pale 3 since their work on The Princess and the Warrior). It could easily be called operatic, with its repeating motifs and thematic interchanges occurring throughout. You will never get bored listening to this music as there is always something new to discover in its intricacies; in how one tune seamlessly blends into the next and yet remains its own composition.

Run Lola Run is best listened to in full (or at least the first seven tracks, because the rest are mainly remixes and are not from the film). I can guarantee you will not know when one track ends and the next begins, which makes it perfect for long road trips. It is also good for any activity that requires energy motivation, like a workout, because this music just gets you going.

Stunt by Barenaked Ladies Alternate Recommendation: Barenaked Ladies, Stunt

Barenaked Ladies really hit the big time with their single "One Week" off the album Stunt. This was my first introduction to their inimitable style, the main aspect of which is laying an upbeat music track over despondent lyrics.

This is a perfect example of that. From the aforementioned anthemic "One Week" (about a stormy relationship) to "Alcohol" (a happening track about the abuse of same), this is a phenomenal collection of quirky songs that has been topped only by the band's own next release--Maroon.

This is another one of my necessary albums for long road trips (see above). Every song is easily singable and it keeps me awake and in a good mood (vital when you're driving 16 hours from Massachusetts to Tennessee multiple times a year). Plus, it's one of the few albums I own that does not contain one bad song. (It has a few I'm tired of, but that's a separate gripe and is entirely the fault of pop radio.)

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