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Spotlight on: The Unseen by Lee Driver

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The Unseen by Lee Driver Lee Driver, The Unseen

For history concerning the characters and their previous adventures, see my reviews of the first two mysteries in this series, The Good Die Twice, and Full Moon, Bloody Moon.

Lee Driver's Chase Dagger/Sara Morningsky series is one of the few truly dependable mystery series being published today. You always know what to expect with Driver: the Unexpected. In the third entry in the series, The Unseen, a series of recurring robberies have all been caught on tape. The strange bit is that the perpetrator cannot be seen. The prime suspect is Mitch Arnosky, who has just been released from prison for similar crimes, and who installed the security systems of the businesses to begin with. How Arnold Schwarzenegger figures into the solution of the crime is up to you to find out.

As far as action goes, The Unseen isn't as exciting as Driver's previous entry, Full Moon Bloody Moon, and I wasn't as driven to the finish with this one as I was the other -- that is, until the denouement, when things really start moving. But in character development, this one beats its predecessors hands down. Throughout the series, the author has been giving us little clues that Dagger is not who he seems (why is he so secretive about his past?) and we learn a few more secrets this time around.

In addition, Sara's two-month absence (which began at the end of Full Moon Bloody Moon) seems to have changed her in many surprising and unexpected ways, and the author shows these through her different, much bolder, actions -- such as the way she really throws herself into the front lines of the investigation this time around. Her shapeshifting abilities are not used as often as the other books, but Driver makes their appearances all the more special in how they are used.

All the usual supporting characters are on hand: Skizzy, who was used to such great effect in the previous book, is allowed to remain at the fore for this one, while Padre is relegated to supporting status due to his difficulties as described in the plot. Sheila is actually becoming less annoying as she slowly realizes that she is perhaps not the one for Dagger, and begins to help out the team -- but only as long as she gets something for her efforts. All in all, The Unseen is still a terrific entry in the Dagger/Morningsky series. It's fascinating to watch these two character grow along with each other -- and to watch Driver's writing become tighter and crisper with each new offering. I, for one, can't wait until the next entry in the series.

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