25 Yr Memorial & Honoring for Oglala People: A call for Peace, Reconcialiation and Freedom for Leonard Peltier
June 26 & 27, 2000
Oglala South Dakota

Itinerary (Tentative)

Location: Jumping Bulls Property 3 Mi South of Oglala

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June 26, 2000 will mark twenty five years since the shoot-out on the Oglala Lakota Nation in South Dakota, taking the lives of three people and dramatically changing the lives of many more.
To mark the 25th year since the shoot-out occurred, survivors of the shoot out and the
Pine Ridge Reign of Terror along with many more who have been touched by its history will gather in Oglala to call for Peace, reconcilation and freedom for Leonard Peltier.

Note: Jumping Bull Family requests all Vehicles to park outside of fence area.

June 26, 2000
6 a.m:
Sunrise Ceremony.....At theJumping Bull Property
Conducted by Dave Chief, Oglala Lakota Elder: Ceremonies to honor the people of Oglala and all of those who lost loved ones during the Pine Ridge Reign of Terror.
9 a.m:
Solidarity Walk to Joe Stuntz and Anna Mae Aquash Gravesite: South of Oglala
A two mile walk to remember the victims of the Oglala Reign of Terror.
11 a.m:
Press Conference.....At Jumping Bulls Property
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee Representatives, Reign of Terror Survivors, Others present
2 p.m:
Meals, Giveaways and Ceremonies.....At Jumping Bulls Property

June 27, 2000

9 a.m:
Sunrise Ceremony.....
At Jumping Bulls Property
2 p.m:
Symposium (All afternoon).....
At the Loneman School Gym, 2 miles west of Oglala Village on Highway 18:
Organizing meetings to free Leonard peltier and to bring justice to those who lost their lives during the Pine Ridge Reign of Terror.
7 p.m:
Youth Awareness Concert
Loneman School Gym,
West of Oglala off Highway 18

Volunteers for Cooking, Traffic Control, General Labor, and Clean-up needed.
Please come prepared to be self-sufficient with food and shelter.
Camping will be available. To receive directions, information about the nearest hotels and other preparatory materials, contact the LPDC. All are encouraged to bring gifts for the giveaway. (This is an Alcohol and Drug Free Event)

For More Information:
Fedelia Cross
Lakota Student Alliance
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (785) 842-5774

Youth Awareness Conert for Peltier

Reservation Map

LPDC Office

Lakota Student Alliance