On this page there will be info about VODACOM, CELLPHONES, GSM and other industry-related info...

VODACOM is a GSM digital cellular network provider in South Africa where i am employed and my interest in the cellphone industry stems directly from my involvement with this amazing company...I work within the CCCC (Customer Care Call Centre) in the TechnoCentre, Bellville, Cape Town, which is 1 of 3 such call centres in the country...This building was developed with all the latest technology and is 1 of the most technologically advanced buildings in the southern hemisphere!...For now, this is all i am saying about the TechnoCentre...In the mean time, check out these brilliant links...:

THE MATRIX, which is the team i am working with, within Customer Care...

African Cellular - Great detailed info on EVERYthing cellular!

GSM-WORLD - Home of the GSM assocation...

My current MOST favourite GSM phone : NOKIA - 9110 COMMUNICATOR
The Nokia 9110 Communicator is the 2nd generation Communicator from Nokia. It follows the familiar concept of the 9000 Communicator, being a combined digital phone, organiser and messaging terminal for fax and sms as well as with Internet/intranet capability. This is however a new product with enhanced and even industry-first applications. It small and light, it has an improved user interface with high-resolution backlit screen, it supports the use of a flash memory card for extended data storage and it supports wireless imaging. It also comes with a free Windows backup and synchronisation package. It is based on the latest Nokia phone technology.

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