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“Abwhore” (3 Tracks. 15:49) self-released.

Whoa! King Diamond meets Old Man’s Child in an amazing kind of way. Black Metal perfectly blended with Death Metal heaviness, a touch of Doom here and some occasional keyboards. Vocally Mike O’Brien is a match for any black metal vocalist while bassist Zane Matthews does a convincing King D sound alike with his additional vocals. This band is tight, aggressive, and deserve to be picked up by a major label. I won’t say what bands they’ve come from, but I will say that these guys have proven themselves in the past. With songs like “The Suffering has Only Begun,” “Sweet Vixen Sent from Hell,” and “China Doll Syndrome,” these guys eat up your stereo. I’m sorry, I don’t usually get this excited about a release, but I can tell you this, you’ll be hearing more about this group in the future. Get it now!
Contact: Abwhore
P.O. Box 626
Marietta, GA 30061 (yeah! So what if they are from Georgia. Norway will be seething with jealousy!)


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