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Averse Sefira

"Homecoming's March" (7 tracks. 63:56).

Averse Sephira

“Homecoming’s March” (7 tracks. 63:56). ARROGARE.

Two guys from Texas have set out prove—and DO!—that whatever can be done in Norway can be done here. And it is done on a par with the best of the Norwegian bands. From the production to the artwork to the corpse paint to the killer musicianship, Averse Sefira unleash an impressive display of technical but atmospheric Black Metal which rivals the best bands of the frozen north. Fans of the colder more violent forms of Black Metal, fans of Immortal and Nokturnal Mortum for instance, will dig this CD big time. Sanguine handles guitars and vocals. His vocals sound like a cold wind blowing through a dungeon, similar to Varggoth of Nokturnal Mortum, and his guitar playing is fast—there is only one tempo on this album: fast! Drums and bass are handled by Wrath who either has the strongest legs in Metal, or he is using a drum machine for a double bass assault which seems impossible for a human being to perform. All this coupled with an excellent production and fantastic artwork make “Homecoming’s March” a real Metallic experience.

Listed among their influences in the liner notes is John Milton. No doubt Milton’s concept of Satan has inspired the story of this epic album. Like Tolkien, Milton was a Christian writer who seems to have inspired a lot of “evil” bands. Whereas many Heavy Metal bands seem to concentrate their “blasphemous” efforts on attacking Christianity, AS go directly for God himself. It is all done in a fantasy story about the fallen angels who turn against “Jehova”. You have to read them to understand, but one thing is clear: as Sanguine and Wrath have captured the essence of hateful Black Metal in their playing, they have certainly also capture the spirit of Milton’s “Paradise Lost in the lyrics of this album. A very interesting album, but not for the weak of heart.

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