"Senales Antes del Fin" (12 tracks. 53:52)

Neo-Classic Metal from Argentina.

Let me begin by saying that this is a highly recommended CD. One might easily—EASILY—make the mistake of thinking they are listening to Hammerfall, Narnia, or Nocturnal Rites when playing Boanerges. The musicianship and production of this CD rises to the same standards of the aforementioned bands plus a pinch of Judas Priest. Boanerges uses the same formula of twin guitars, harmony solos, clean vocals and killer riffs. This is the most professional album I’ve heard from South America of this genre. I feel very confident saying that Boanerges has the chops for a major label deal. Hopefully one will come along.

There are two things about this CD that need to be mentioned. One thing is that all the songs and titles are in Spanish. This is no big deal and the songs are easily translated with a dictionary. For example, the title "Senales Antes del Fin" means, "Signs Before the End." This brings up the second point: Boanerges are a band that follows Christ. As a follower of Christ this makes me proud; proud to have another really talented band like Narnia to compare to the other big Classic Metal bands.

Fans of Classic Power Metal would be loco en la cabeza if they passed this one up.

Website: boanerges.sion.com

Email: boanerges @ sion.com