4025 E. Chandler Blvd., Ste 70 B-3
Phoenix, AZ 85048



“Apparition” (10 tracks).

You may have a good idea of what to expect from Burning Inside if you know two significant facts about them. The first fact is that their drummer is Richard Christy, famous for his work with Death and as the touring drummer for Iced Earth, etc. The second fact is that they are a band located in Florida. So while they have affinities with other brutal Floridian bands, Burning Inside should be given some credit for variety. After two over the top crushing tunes (“Therapy” and “Carnage Remains”), Burning Inside show us what a brutal death metal band can do with changing tempos and some dual lead guitar work. Tracks four and ten, “Disembodies Souls” and “Within the Walls,” brings even more variety as Richard Christy displays his creativity on the keyboard. These two tracks are best described as ambient and short. They seem to serve as a sort of respite from the barrage of riffs and blast beats that make up the rest of the album. And speaking of riffs, guitarists Michael Estes and Steve Childers and bassist Jamie Prim seem equal in skill to Christy’s reputation. The result is a finely crafted death metal album where each song actually has an individual personality. And the dual guitar work, while impressive and well done, does not sound the least like Gothenburg—thankfully! In terms of lyrics and imagery, Burning Inside goes with the violent and the occult. Nothing real creative here, but at this point in my life I spend practically no time reading lyrics. It’s the music I care about. And here the music is quite good.