Interdimensional Industries

“Pre-release” (56:53. 10 Tracks). Electronic Music.

Interdimensional Industries is a new label featuring some fine electronic acts such as Voice Industrie, Cryptomnesia, Incultus, 48kHz to 44.1kHz error, and Pyschokinetic Disrupter. The particular styles associated with these groups range from dark ambient to EBM (electric body music). This CD begins with some very intriguing music from Cryptomnesia. The two songs from this group are called “Hunting the Wounded Dove” and “Atrocities”. Their style reminds me a bit of Mental Destruction only with keyboard sounds instead of “industrial samples”. The songs are very dark and intense, though somewhat understated or minimalistic. Unlike Mental Destruction, there are no vocals here. But vocals aren’t needed as the music sweeps you up and holds you in a creepy thrall. Next is a long track from Voice Industrie which is really cool. I think it is best described as EBM (try sitting down while this song is playing). The song is called “Sterility Teknik 14 (Adrenaline Mix)”. It is musically similar to “Mofo” on the U2 “Pop” album. No real vocals here either, just music to inspire. It is a great track for dancing . The fourth track comes from 48kHz to 44.1kHz error. This song slows things down and changes the mood a bit. The music is soothing like some kinds of ambient or darkwave music but has drum beats. The music, because it soothes, is appropriately titled, “Apologies.” Next come three tracks from Incultus. Mostly, these tracks are very soothing and could probably be classified almost as synth-pop. This is due mostly to the light, lilting synth sounds and easy-going drums (programmed). The vocals, where they appear, are pop-oriented and the overall sound of this group yields strong comparisons to Blue October. The final three tracks come from Psychokinetic Disrupter and are truly industrial in nature. There is much musical movement in these tracks with the programmed drums, the keyboard layers, the bass and so on. There are also the sampled voices taken from movies and television shows. The second track, “Kalpa” is especially interesting as it has the aforementioned elements with the addition of some female vocals that sound rather Celtic. Can you imagine Enya playing industrial? At over eleven minutes this song is really epic. The overall effect of these tracks are quite suggestive of the name of this group (Psychokinetic Disruptor). They are intense and demand your attention. The bottom line is that this sampler disc from Interdimensional Industries shows that their roster of musicians are quite talented and promise some very intriguing music.