Interview with Jani of Rivel Records Recording Artists
1.  Please begin by telling us a little about yourself and how the project came together.
Jani: The whole thing began when I sent him [Christian Rivel] the Renascent EP, searching for a deal.  He liked our stuff, but we signed with another label.  We still felt that we had connected right away at our first talk. So he just tossed a comment like we should really do something together maybe next year (2005).  I tried out a song idea right away and the rest is history.
2.  Will this be a one-time project, or can we expect more in the future? 
Jani: No this is not just a one-time project; there will be more. 
3.  Do you already have something else in development?
I have already done the material ready for the next one.  We will enter the studio in late spring 2005.
4.  What other musical projects are you connected with?
Jani: I am also in a band called Renascent (melodic death/thrash).  And I had my short time in Crimson moonlight on their latest album. 
5.  I think the album is incredible.  And what a clever mix of classic metal and symphonic "black" metal.  How did this come about?
Jani: Well I have had an idea for a long time about making a black metal project with a really huge orchestral touch to it, and when this opportunity came along, I first planned to make this to be that black project. But as I started to write the first track, it became more suitable for clean vocals than growl vocals. At the planning stage of everything we both decided that this had to be really fast and heavy. So I ended up mixing some elements from the death/black world with the melodic genre, which I think is a cool mixture.
6.  Why the guest guitarists?  
Jani: Well, we felt that we wanted some really strong names to do solos to make this maybe even little more special. So we ended up with some amazing people on this record.
7.  Will this material be performed live?  Has it?
Jani: No we have not played live yet, and it will be a rarity in the future as well, because this is a huge project to fulfil live and it can also be hard to get the needed people to be on because they have their own main projects. But yes we have talked about it and of course we want to play live.
8.  How would you describe your music to a curious person who has never heard Divinefire before?
Jani: Well, I would say that Divinefire is a mixture of aggressive yet catchy symphonic metal with slight death/black elements. The lyrics are pretty evangelistic instead of singing about goblins, dragons and ghosts. 
9.  Any last words?

Jani: I hope that youŽll enjoy this record and I hope that it bring some blessings into lives. Take care and stay metal