Interview with Davide of

Ephel Duath

Courtesy of Earache Records


CRITICALTOM:  Are you still just one person, or do you have some new band mates?


Davide:  Originally the band was a duo: Giuliano (vocals, guitars, synths and programming) and me, Davide (guitar, synths),.  After a demo tape (Opera '98) and an album (Phormula 2000), we decided to end our collaboration for personal and musical reasons. Now I'm the composer of music and words, and I collaborate with a crazy human drummer and a new bass player who is a jazz/prog addict, a screamer and a clean vocalist. I compose synths and electronic with Paso who also collaborated with us in a remix included in Rephormula. Moreover, he is our sound engineer.


CRITICALTOM:  The term "black metal" may not be an accurate enough designation for your music. What would you call it?


Davide:  At the root of our project there is the strong will to be free from every movement, to be free from the typical restriction of the musical genres. We are in contact with black metal only for some musical choices and not for the ideology. In our demo tape there is present a strong connection with the Emperor stuff for the use of voice and the complex guitar lines. It will be easy to understand that I prefer to not describe our musical style with words, but, at the same time, I accept every label that people create for us, usually "progressive black metal", "avantgarde metal" or sperimental black metal".


CRITICALTOM:  What does the name Ephel Duath mean?


Davide: Ephel Duath is taken from the Tolkien mythology and it means "mountains of shadows". We were fascinated by the sound that these two words create together: They are so mysterious, dark and ancient....


CRITICALTOM:  What subjects are your song about?


Davide:  The lyrics are strongly associated with the mood created by our music, so we adapted our feelings through metaphors, allegorical visions and images to the notes. Our words are really personal but at the same time we want to open them to all the possible interpretations to bring the reader in a more active position. For this reason we use a lot of images; to not offer interpretative direction to our words. In particular, the lyrics in Rephormula are usually deep feelings filtered through natural images (I became a grass of green, a pigment of colour filtered through a spectrum, a leave...). Recently I am writing about the difficulties that I face when I'm in contact with a lot of people that I don't know, or about the sudden sense of fury that governs my mind in determined moments of pain and how this factor changes the world in front of my eyes.


CRITICALTOM:  What makes Ephel Duath different from other bands?


Davide: For Ephel Duath to be considered different from other bands is really great.  Our will is to innovate, and for strong experimentation.  That is basically for our desire for composing. I see no limits for my music and the new album "The Painter's Palette" will strongly confirm these words...


CRITICALTOM:  What can we expect in the future from Ephel Duath?


Davide: The new album will be recorded around July/August.  We are preparing a video clip for "The Embossed" and we are working really hard to finally bring Ephel Duath on stage. For more information


CRITICALTOM:  How do you make a song? Lyrics first or music first?


Davide: Our compositions are born from the guitar lines that constitute a sort of skeleton. Second we insert the drum (in past programming the drum machine, now acoustic drum parts), bass and key parts follow. Voice is the last element that we insert in our songs. Sometimes it is the music that searches ou the words...


CRITICALTOM:  If you could set up your own tour, who would you like to tour with?


Davide: Opeth, Katatonia or Ulver, without doubt!


CRITICALTOM:  Now that you have a release that is going to get worldwide distribution, how would you like to introduce yourself to the music buying world?


Davide: Through our great will to compose we create music that is really spontaneous, but at the same time rich and ambitious.  It represents the best way that I've found to fully express my inner feelings. It is sort of a magic process, through my music I know better who I am.  It is for this reason that in the future I want to compose as much as possible, maybe a new album every year...Thanks for the support!