Interview with Christer of


This brief interview was done via email.

CRITICALTOM: Tell me a little bit about the status of the band. Did Ole leave? If so, has he been replaced? What will the music be like without him?

CHRISTER: Ole left the band last winter and right now we don't have a permanent replacement, but Tor Magne helps us out live, and Jon Robert (also Lengsel) does the Bass live. We're making music right now for our next album, and I guess you'll just have to wait and hear how it's gonna sound without Ole.

CRITICALTOM: Do you guys play a lot of shows to non-Christian audiences in Norway? Elsewhere? What are some bands you have played with?

CHRISTER: We don't play a lot of shows here at all Because it's such a small scene, but we have played a few secular shows with bands like Spiral Architect and Kovenant. We also had the chance to play with Old Mans Child and Meshuggah (two different shows), but things we couldn't control didn't work out.

CRITICALTOM: What audiences are better, Christian or secular?

CHRISTER: I have no idea. Most places we play there are usually both Christians and non-Christians. But the people at club 412 (Ft.Worth Texas) rule. That's the best crowd we've played for ever. They know how to rock.

CRITICALTOM: I imagine you guys get incorrectly called Black Metal a lot. Would you describe your music as Death Metal, or would you prefer something

CHRISTER: We're a mix of black and death. On Undeceived we're more death than black, and we also have some thrash influences. I really don't care what people label us. Personally I just say death/black.

CRITICALTOM: How has your experience been in America? (Too much hardcore if you ask me)

CHRISTER: We've been over three consecutive years, and it has been really cool. In the US, there is hardly any lines between hardcore and metal (I disagree—CT). Over here it's totally different. You're either hardcore or metal. So, we have played for a lot of but that's ok. A lot of people have told me they want to grow their hair out again after an Extol show.

CRITICALTOM: Do you guys have a musical goal you have not yet reached?

CHRISTER: I want to play solos on the next albums :)

CRITICALTOM: Has the church in Scandinavia--Norway in particular--been changed for the better after the events in the early 90's surrounding the Helvete store and the Black Metal "mafia"?

CHRISTER: To be honest I don't know. The churches that were involved I think got a wake up call, but in general I don't think the whole Black metal thing changed the church...maybe some churches, but not churches in general.

CRITICALTOM: What does Extol have in store in the future? Albums, tours, etc?

CHRISTER: Right now we're making music for a new album. We also hope to tour the US once again this summer, but that's not for sure yet.

CRITICALTOM: What would you like to say to someone who has never heard you before?

CHRISTER: If you're into metal, check us out.

That’s all.