Muhurdar Cad.
Akmar Pas. 70/12
Kadikoy 81200
Istanbul - TURKEY



“Elusive Dreams” (9 tracks ).

Thanks to the internet and an increasingly shrinking world, we can now make contact with people in far away places. This is a good thing because now we are now privileged to hear some incredible music we may otherwise not hear. In this case we get to hear an unbelievable—I am not exaggerating—progressive metal band from Turkey. Having never heard a band from Turkey I didn’t know what to expect, but Comma have turned out to be undoubtedly one of the best progressive metal bands I have ever heard. While they build on a foundation clearly established by bands like Queensryche and Dream Theatre, Comma have so much youthful vigor that they raise the standard to a new level. Listening to them makes me think of some other recent discoveries: Archontes (Russia) and Vanishing Point (Australia). Each song is a surprise and a delight (“Turkish delight”, you might say). The production is excellent: each instrument is clearly distinguishable and crisp. The guitar and keyboard playing reveal two musicians with some classical training. They also have a good sense of what just sounds good. Drums, bass, and vocals are also very well done. It is all very well calculated but never boring. And most of all, Comma sounds like a very confident band. Elusive Dreams is an album you can listen to over and over again and never tire of it.

Check them out at: Hammer Muzik. http // www hammermuzik.com

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