Interview with Freddy of



CRITICALTOM:  What was your philosophy when you formed this band?
FREDDY: Honestly, it was just to have fun again. There was no set agenda.  We just started writing and things just went from there.
CRITICALTOM:  How did you go about finding the right people to fill the band?
FREDDY:  There have obviously been a lot of people in and out of this band, so I guess the best answer is trial and error.  I'm very happy with the line up we have now.  The band is the best it has ever been!!!!!!!
CRITICALTOM:  Despite the heavy, aggressive sound, there is a great deal of passion, even love that exudes from the music.  What is your take on that?
FREDDY: The way we write is from our hearts.  The songs have to mean something to us.  If not they get tossed away.  We are all experienced enough to be able to know how to express ourselves through our music, not just cram a whole bunch of notes together to say we have five million songs.
CRITICALTOM:  Who writes lyrics?
FREDDY: Timmy, mainly, but we all collectively have a part in all the songs as far as what they are about.
CRITICALTOM:  Is there a dominant theme in your music?
FREDDY: No, not really. "We are who we are" best summarizes it.
CRITICALTOM:  Tim's vocal style and range is incredible.  Is he a trained singer?
FREDDY: Yes, he studied for a little while, but mainly he was just blessed with a great voice.
CRITICALTOM:  How have the responses been to the album so far?
FREDDY: Great, actually!!!!!!!!!  I could not be happier.
CRITICALTOM:  Will you guys be touring?
FREDDY: We are trying to get on some tours for early fall.  We finally have a new booking agent so we should be out soon promoting "Cycle."
CRITICALTOM:  Do you prefer the designation "metal" or 
FREDDY: METAL!!!!!!!!! \M/
CRITICALTOM:  How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you?
FREDDY: Good, heavy music with a lot of intertwining melodies.
CRITICALTOM:  What is a question you wish interviewers would ask and what is the answer?
FREDDY: Would you like the cover this month or next?  Next will be fine.  No, just fucking with you!!!!!!  I get asked a lot of great questions, and I like talking music regardless.
Take care and thank you for the support.  It means a lot to us.