Email from Hell

(The following is a few paragraphs of comments on an email discussion list made by people who are angry at God. I thought their comments would have an eye-opening effect on some. These opinion, for the most part, do not reflect my own opinions.)

I despise god, his bastard son and his followers for an entirely irrational reason. I was screwed up pretty badly by some Christians, I was brought up strictly catholic. Catholic all boy's school and all that. Anyway to make a long story short I was beaten and abused regularly for years I suspect partially because I am bisexual, I don't know if they knew or not. (Why would god have created gays for the sole purpose of having a horrible life and going to hell? Try rationalizing that one! I've never understood the logic behind that.) For about a year and a half after I got away from that school I was afraid to leave my house, I stopped talking to people. I was scared to answer the phone and all kinds of shit like that. I know that all Christians were not responsible but I can't help but hate them all. Every time I see someone wearing a cross I just want to puke. Also I blame god and Jesus for not helping me when I prayed to them. Weird I'm bearing my soul to people I don't know and it doesn't feel scary at all. The wonders of E-mail.

Jesus is simply, according to my interpretation of the book...a dead pigís head stuck on a stick cleverly disguised as an idol by the hallucinatory factor of Mass hypnosis and suggestion.

According to Christianity, you have no responsibility at all, because you're going to heaven for accepting Jesus, and everyone else, the majority of the living people, go to hell...God seems a lot like Hitler doesn't he? If I believed god existed, I would rather burn in hell, than serve him, no I DO NOT want to be saved, I would never serve such a vile beast... now Iíll admit not all Christians are bad, I also have a dear friend who is Christian, and seems to think hell is for those who do bad things in life are punished for it, and heaven is for good people, now that I can agree with, but that idea is rather UN-Christian, more like Hindu spiritual beliefs, and is more like the idea of Karma, that what you do catches up with you...oh well, this is too long, but I just don't see how anyone could possibly believe that way,......Jesus is very evil,...

I also think religion is a form of mental disease - whatever you call it when an adult believes in childhood fantasies like monsters under the bed and angels, etc. God is like their imaginary friend... they should seek treatment.

Christianity is merely an accepted form of Nazism. But do you ever notice how when bad tings happen, even Christians blame god? They wonder why he would allow it to happen. Well, I attribute this to the fact that, since bad things happen (and if god and Satan existed) he would not have the power to stop it. Good is not stronger than evil, the reverse is also true. Pointless to pick sides really. Who cares whom wins? Do you really want your whole existence to be based on a war between good and evil? How dull.

As for Christianity being fascistic, well a lot of it is but the words of Christ himself are very much leftwing. Caring about everyone helping those in need looking after the poor and sick. Thatís why Christianity is so wrong, it has become uncaring and often hateful.

I have news for you: Jesus never existed. If the Jesus Christ described in the bible did exist exactly as described by said bible, then said bible is conclusive proof that he was a bigoted, power-hungry jerk. All through the bible it is clear that this fictional character had the same regard for women and the gentiles as Big Brother and his Party had for the proles. The Jesus described in your bible is a lot like you... unaccepting of anything not exactly like him

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