Jagged Doctrine

"I Wear The Mask" (54:50. 14 Tracks). USA.

Jagged Doctrine is a heavy hitting Techno/Metal combo consisting of two capable musicians, Gary Baker on keys and Rod Middleton on guitars. Both do vocals. You may have heard them on "Escape the Furnace" as well as parts 2 and 3 of the Cataclysm Singles ("Collapsing Structure" and "Terra Firma Vs. Atmosphere"). The two songs that appear on those three CD's, "So Inspired" and "Blind" are representative of the music here. The drums are programmed and often danceable. Gary plays several different styles on keyboard which vary from supportive to dominating. Each song has a personality of its own and each musician seems to agree on which instrument should have predominance in a particular song. The guitars, in contrast, range from funky Primus to grinding Sepultura. I'd say that the overall effect is vaguely similar to Limp Bizkit or Korn, though not exactly.

There are also some clever lyrics and song titles on this CD. The opening track is called "Hypocriticize". That's something I wish I'd thought of. Another cute one is "Velocirapture". There happens to be a cover of Dead Artists Syndrome called, "Red" and a "Hidden Track" that is labeled for you.

There is a lot of variety to be had on this CD. It crosses the Techno and Metal barriers without catering too much to either side. Fans of Circle of Dust, A Different Kind of Cop, Industry Eleven and so on will dig it.

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Jagged Doctrine

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