Independent Opposition presents: Liarís Paradise (21 tracks. 58:51). USA. Psychotic noise.

Boy, this time Matt and his collaborators have hit the nail on the head. I canít think of a more appropriate name for modern society than to call it a Liarís Paradise. Day after day we are told so many things that just arenít true. This CD exposes many of those. Even the CD itself is covered with many statements like: "I can quit whenever I want", and, my favorite, "This is not a compact disc." Itís sad but true.

If you are familiar with Mattís other works you know that each one of them have a different focus but feature mostly his own work. This CD, in contrast, features collaborations with Jo-L of Veer Chasm, Carson Pierce of Flaming Fish Music among many other well-known peopleóthat is, well-known in this genre. It also has more musical variation with a visiting cellist and pianist and female vocals. Thereís even a real song with verses and a chorus. Each person contributes his own slant but the theme remains constant: Lies, lies, lies, we are surrounded by them and must learn to discern the truth. Many sub-themes are explored like abortion, euthanasia, preservationism (donít kill animals), politics, and the lies of the devil. But they all boil down to just plain old lies. The opening and closing tracks are my favorites as they reveal how some of us lie to ourselves about our own sins. Of all the projects Matt has done so far, this one is the most significant. One track, "New Man" appeared on Blacklightís "Collapsing Structure" CD.

For anyone who has not heard any of Mattís other works (Graphic Verses, Fluoxetine Effect, or Red Rum Trance) the best way to describe it is to call it psychotic noise. It is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. But this time, the most haunting aspect of all is having to come face to face with the truth. The cost for this one is $12 postage paid to:

Matt Franz

P.O. Box 31248

Cincinatti, OH 45231


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