Interview with M-Edge

1. Are you a one-person project or a group project?

I've always really been the 1 man thing. They other members that have phased in and out of M-Edge have just been around to help me out live. But the reason i've remained on man is because alot of times its hard to count on people. And most of the members I've gotten do not really know what we really are. What I am really going for and how to do it.

2. Exactly how would you "label" your music?

Originally I called M-Edge techno industrial but now i define it as "Electro-Core" its a mix of many styles its mostly more in the synth/pop side but with many other influnences. Its heavier than most synth pop and it has hints of styles like jungle. But I also go for an ambient approach alot of the time. So I just summ it up as "Electro-Core"

3. What themes do you find yourself addressing with your music?

Mostly I adress common stuggles I see around me. Dealing with sex,drugs,alchol, and hypocrisy. I've just seen many of my older friends lives be changed negatively and I feel its my God given duty to tell them of the dangers on their level.

4. Who are your musical and lyrical influences?

As for musical alot of my infulences come from Mortal, a great group. But also I get alot of influences from many groups of different styles like Virus, Circle of Dust, Massivivid, Thymikon, Chatterbox, Klank and others. I like to use cliches for my lyrics because there topics that are more common. People more understand them.

5. Your website seems to lay your intentions out rather clearly, would you consider your project to be evangelistic?

Yes I would. I want to reach out but also be where I can reach that crowd. Sometimes things don't get out because of what they say because people get offended. But my main drive is to show that throguh all of life's pain Jesus is there to save us from going to hell. And He is all we need.

6. What would you say to someone who has never heard your music?

Give us a chance ... well lets see ... That we are cool ... heh.. humm. You know I am not really sure what I would say.. Usually I just talk about us and what we are like and about.

7. Do you have any music available at the moment? and, what will be available in the future?

Nothing is avalibe right now except the Collapsing Structure cds which have the M-Edge track Omega. But I plan to as soon as i get it recorded release a cd called "The Space Between Heaven and Hell". It will be more or less a demo with 3 songs which I think will be The Space Between Heaven and Hell, Temptation, and Fallible.

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