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Lightmare - July 1998

Classic Speed Metal from Germany

1. Does Lightmare market itself as a Christian band or as a Metal band?

We are a Metal Band with some christian members. These christian members have written all the music and the lyrics and their faith is mirrored in the songs. But two of us are not christian people.

2. I get the impression that nearly all of you have had formal music training. Is that true?

Some of us had, some not. But your impression was right in that way, that those, who built up the material of the songs had musical training and education.

3. What sub-genre of metal would you call your music?

True Power Classical Romantic influenced Weired Stupid Longhaired Guitarbased German Neckstiff Metal, you can say shortly: TPCRWSLGGNM.

4. How well has Lightmare been received in Germany and abroad?

It could be better, of course. But we have a growing part of listeners who really appreciate the kind of music we do, in Germany and other countries.

5. Do you have a secular market like Savior Machine and Lordian Guard has?

In Germany the christian Metal market had decreased to a few countable people. Our market is the secular market, but not in the way of making money.

6. Does Lightmare have a mission statement?

"We aren't missionaries, but we are men with a mission".

7. Who is your favorite of the following: Accept, Paradox, Destruction, or Therion? (I cannot decide)

ALEX: (new bassman) Therion
TIMON: Hello Ray

8. What would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you, good night, we love you.

9. What would you say to someone who has never heard you?

Poor man! You missed a real good sound! No, perhaps that: if you like TPCRWSLGGNM, buy our CD and make your own decision !


Progressive Doom from Australia
(Andrew Tompkins July 98)
1. I noticed (with surprise, but joy) that Ian Arkley is now playing guitar for Paramaecium. Could you tell about how that came about?

I gave him a phone call and asked him if he wanted to join the band, and he agreed. I'd been planning to talk to him about it for about six months before we first spoke but I waited until I had a definite plan abouit the new album. I flew to England where we wrote the music for the new album and then I flew him to Melbourne to record in May this year. His music was an inspiration to me as a musician in the late eighties and it's been a tremendous privilege to finally be able to work with him.
2. Does this mean that the two of you comprise the band or is Jayson Sherlock still a part?

Ian and I are the main band and we have other musicians working with us on this particular album; Mark Orr is our new drummer and Simon Gruer is working on the keyboards which is a new thing for us. Rosemary Sutton and Annette Dowdle who worked on previous albums will also lend their unique voices to the new album.

4. When will it be out?

We're aiming at August but at this stage anything's possible.
5. Do you have a tentative title for the album?

Yes we do. Can't say yet though. Sorry.
6. How would you describe the music?

I'd rather leave that up to reviewers. There's a mixture of emotions expressed musically, some bright sections and some dark sections. I don't really have the words to describe it or anything to compare it to. Perhaps it's a mixture of the heavy doom of our first album Exhumed, combined with the melodic progressions of our second album Ancient Forest.

7. Do you have a label or will it be independantly distibuted?

At first, it will only be available directly from the band. We'll then search for a decent label to license it to for distribution in the States and Europe as we have done with all our releases.

8. Does Ian's part in the band mean that Paramaecium will not be touring, or that you'll be doing limited shows?

We've never been a touring band. We've probably only played about 15 shows in the past. But we do have plans to play in Europe in the near future.

9. Will the new album be another concept/epic or will it consist of various themes?

Each song has it's own story to tell although there is the underlying theme of a house, with each song representing a different room and each room representing a different aspect of life. It's not outwardly a concept album, as most people won't notice the linking themes in the songs, but there is definitely a story to be told.

10. I noticed in a secular zine years ago you categorized yourselves in the same genre as My Dying Bride and Anathema. Would you still?

I guess so. Doom bands approach their music in such a different way now and focus on a variety of different emotions, not just sorrow. In the same way, we're exploring various life themes along with the plethora of music-based emotions which that necessarily dictates.

11. Can we expect to see you guys in the states?

Unlikely in the near future I would say. However, if anyone knows a promoter willing to cover costs, we'll be there.
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ICQ: 15453662
Address: PO Box 46, Forest Hill, 3131, Australia.
We accept payment by check, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Diners Club.

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Interview with Crimson Moonlight

Holy Unblack metal from Sweden
July 1998

1. Tell me about Crimson Moonlight's sound. And, how would you categorize yourselves?

We sound like a mix between Dimmu Borgir, Covenant, Dissection + a touch of Emperor with some own kind of stuff in it. We also use classical guitar and piano that you will hear on the forthcoming demo.

2. What themes come out in your songwriting?

When I (Petter) write lyrics I mostly write about the love of God and some own experiences in my own life. Simon the singer) writes much about Christ´s life, death and ressurection. He is a good writer and he writes the most lyrics nowadays.

3. Who is in the band and what do they play?

The line-up is:
Simon: Vocals
Petter: Guitar, classical guitar and some back-groundvocals
Alexander: Keyboards (he is a GREAT keybordist)
Simon: Bass
Gustav: Drums

Who would you say have been your influences?

As said before, bands like Dimmu Borgir and Dissection (read the answer of the first question) nowadays. If you have heard our first "demo" (I don´t know if it´s worth to be called a demo) you hear music in the veins of Horde with some melodies.

5. What is the Metal scene like in Sweden now for both Christian and secular bands?

In the secular scene bands like Dissection, Dark Tranquility and Therion rules. In the Christian metal scene I don´t know much bands but you have bands like we, Sanctifica, Vital Descision and Pantokrator just to name a few.

6. How have you been received by Christian and secular audiences?

By Christians the response have been mostly very good, and some non-christians who have been listening says it´s really great too, but not all of them because we have a Christian message.

7. When will you have a recording available?

Rather soon, by the time this zine comes out we will have recorded our demo.

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Interview with Death List

Grinding Death from Oklahoma City
August 1998

First, tell us about your name.
Death List, the name was picked to discribe the list that Satan has us all on...

How would you describe your music?
The only way we can discribe it is FAST, BRUTAL, and Heavy...! We have the speed of malevoent creation and morbid angel, groove of Napalm Death, and the vocals of Sepultura...BUT we also are in the process of getting a new vocalist. Actually he isn't new, he was our former vocalist when we did the "OBLITERATION" Dying age. He has great Death Vocals and we are excited about the change--musical-BUTALITY and BRUTALITY only. Spritually-we want to let everyone know that GOD does love them and that without GOD, there is no peace in your life no matter how much you try...!

How can we get your CD?
You can get a copy through us: Death List 10405 Dover Dr. Yukon, Okla. 73099 CD's-$13 T's-$12 Crosses-$2 add$2 shipping

What would you like to say to Metal lovers about your music?
HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT...! and enjoy the ride...!

What do you think is wrong with the Metal Industry today?
There is very little promotion, air play, and word of mouth...2...this is DEATH METAL, not rock...! so its not geared towards everyone's listening enjoyment..metal and Death Metal is coming back slowly but surely...

Anything else?
We hope that God will work in all of ya'lls lives like he has in ours...! We are on the playing field with satan and we have him kicked...we will stay as Brutal as we can in our music and in CHRIST...!

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