My musical interests are very broad. The reviews, interviews, links, etc. on this website cover Extreme forms of Heavy Metal, Gothic, Experimental Music, and a few other groups I deem above the norm. You will not find any "flavor-of-the-month" groups here!"

Amorphis, Antestor, Ashen Mortality, the Aunt Bettys, Bathory, the Beach Boys, Believer, Ben Hardwidge, Bishop Garden, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Candlemass, Carcass, Cathedral, Caul, Circle of Dust, Cybershadow, DANIEL AMOS, Deitiphobia, Deliverance, Destruction, Deuteronomium, Emperor, Erase, Eternal Decision, Ethereal Scourge, Extol, GROMS, Horde, Iced Earth, Jerusalem, King Diamond, Michael Knott, Kohllapse, Lament, Lightmare, Lordian Guard, Living Sacrifice, LSU, Memento Mori, Mercyful Fate, Metanoia, Mortification, My Dying Bride, Necromanicide, Paradise Lost, Paramaecium, Possession, Rose, Sanctum, Saviour Machine, Schaliach, Screams of Chaos, Seventh Angel, Seventh Avenue, Therion, Thymikon, Tiamat, Tourniquet, Trouble, Undish, X-Propagation.

Critical Mass WEBJOURNAL is committed to providing "news, reviews, interviews and no fluff!" These things are given in a mater-of-fact and open-minded manner. I am a Christian but this is not an exclusively Christian mag. I don't believe in elitism. We must live like normal human beings!

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