c/o Christoph Ziegler
Pfarrer-Striebel-Weg 11
88471 Laupheim/Untersulmetingen


Various – Neodawn Productions Germania

Label Promo Sampler #1. (12 tracks).
This first promo CD from Neodawn Productions exhibits a very diverse taste in underground music. It contains Darkwave, Gothic Metal, and furious Black Metal. The first 5 tracks come from German Darkwave—or is it Dark Ambient?—project, Vinterriket. These five tracks make up about 28 minutes or so of the CD. Darkwave/ambient music is a very acquired taste. I personally find times when this sort of music is soothing, even comforting. It has a dark mood and is usually understated, sometimes. It’s great for relaxation or meditation. I’ve read where some have compared Vinterriket to Mortiis, but I happen to think that Vinterriket are a little more diverse in their sound. Other ambient projects come to mind, like Caul for instance. On the other hand, these tracks, while they sound good and are well produced, are a little rudimentary in structure. What they do exhibit, though, is a talent which will only improve as it grows. And that, I think, is what Neodawn Productions is all about, finding raw talent and getting it promoted to a bigger label. You will notice, as I did, that while Vinterriket is a German group, the titles are in Norwegian.

Next comes Crowhead with the “Love Letter” demo. Also from Norway, they feature ex-members of Shadow Dancers and Ragnarok (NOR). This music is the variety of Gothic I like best. It is not overpowering, but is somewhat withdrawn. Call it moody or morose, because it drips with sadness. While the comparisons to Sisters of Mercy and the Cure are appropriate, Crowhead has an uncanny similarity to both Duran Duran on “Eternity”, and Pink Floyd on “Through the Eyes of a Mad Man” and “Lost Angel”. Their brand of Goth is refreshing and more enjoyable than some of the bands I’ve heard who already have a contract. I expect Crowhead to get some attention if they manage to stay together.

Finally comes Legion, a Black Metal band with an unmistakable Swedish slant. Their demo is called “Bloodaeons”. While there are some similarities in style with some of the Norwegian bands, i.e., Emperor, Old Man’s Child, etc., Legion carry that heavier, almost Death Metal production that other Swedish BM bands like Battlelust have. This demo has four unforgiving, brutal tracks, “Redeemer”, “Shadows”, “This Frozen Realm”, and “On Swift Wings”. What can I say, they’re all fast as a tornado, brutal, melodic in that Black Metal way, and the vocals come straight out of the Marquis de Sade’s dungeon. The production is great. Fans of Nifelheim, Immortal and such will want it.

I think Christoph at Neodawn is off to a great start with these three projects. You can order any of these CD demos by sending 8 DM or $4 U.S. to the address above

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