Impaled Nazarene

“Nihil” (10 tracks. 32:16). OSMOSE.

Sick and violent but very popular band. “Nihil” continues their sick tradition with new guitarist Alexi Laiiho from Children of Bodom. Not my cup of tea.

Notre Dame

"Le Theatre Du Vampire"

Notre Dame

“Le Theatre Du Vampire vol. I” (11 tracks. 58:07).
I for one enjoy a sense of humor in music. I’m one of those people who thought Tormentor’s “Recipe Ferrum” an enjoyable mix of Metal, Goth and humor. I realize that many Black Metal purists don’t share my opinion, but who cares. Their “evilness” is a joke anyway. Why not parody it from time to time? Hellhammer and Spinal Tap were cool too. And who doesn’t like King Diamond’s “No Presents for Christmas”? It is with these classics in mind that we examine this weird, twisted CD from Snowy Shaw, Vampirella, and the De Sade twins! (reportedly related to the famous De Sade!).

First off, “Recipe Ferrum” is a great comparison because “Le Theatre Du Vampire vol. I” is a great combination of Black Metal, Goth, creepy sound effects, and zany songs. I’m sure Roman Polanski is turning in his grave right now as “Boufoon, Bloody Boufoon” plays in my stereo. This is followed by “Vlad the Impaler” and then “I Bring Nosferatu You”, complete with children in the background. But wait, next comes “A Sleigh-Ride Through Transylvanian Winterland”! There are many more clever titles and funny jokes with references to other horror themes galore. Anyone who ever grew up loving those old classic horror movies could also appreciate the Munsters or the Addams Family. Well, this is the Munsters and Addams Family of Metal.

Snowy Shaw handles vocals and guitars. His vocals are all over the place. Sometimes they are Gothic and deep like David Bowie, sometimes he has that Paul Stanley/David Defeis sound, and sometimes the has the Popeye style Black Metal vocals. Vampirella’s vocals certainly evokes and image of the original woman of that name in the cult movie, “Plan 9 From Outer Space”. One listen to her and Ed Wood might decide to go straight! Like Shaw’s vocals, the music is all over the place, but it is well done and very entertaining. After all, Snowy Shaw wasn’t in bands like Mercyful Fate and Memento Mori for his good looks. He’s quite the musician, as are his companions. The only thing missing from my information is who does the keys.

The advantages this CD has over Tormentor’s “Recipe Ferrum” is that people buy it expecting the humor. Also, there is more musical and thematic cohesion here than on the Tormentor album. I can’t wait to hear the next one. The only downfall is that the artwork means I can’t show it to my children. How regrettable, because they would enjoy listening to it!

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