Interview with Icorp recording artists:


Jose Romero is the singer/guitarist and founder of Requiem Aeternum from Uruguay.  He is also a published author.  His book is entitled, “Escritos Prohibidos” (Forbidden Writings).  We had a nice hour-long conversation which involved philosophy and theology as much as music.  It’s not everyday that you get to talk to a guy like this.


CRITICALTOM:  Have you guys moved to New York, or are you just visiting?

JOSE:  I am going to stay in New York for a while, maybe a few years.  We are working hard to promote the album and plan to play some festivals. 


CRITICALTOM:  Do you have any festivals confirmed as yet?

JOSE:  So far we are scheduled for the Northwest Metal Fest and the Milwaukee Metal Fest.


CRITICALTOM:  Is “Philospher” your first album?

JOSE:  No.  it is our second.  The first one was recorded at the end of 1997 and released in 1998.  It was only released and promoted in Latin America. 


CRITICALTOM:  Was it recorded with the same line-up? (I asked knowing that Martin Lopez and Martin Mendez were once in the band).

JOSE:  We have actually had three line-ups.  The first line-up included Martin Lopez and Martin Mendez before they went to Sweden to join Opeth.  We recorded only one song, a demo, that appeared on a compilation.  Then there was the line-up in Uruguay.  We recorded the first album together.  They stayed in Uruguay.  So when I came here I recorded the album with Maciej Kupiszewski (bass) and Alex Hernandez (drums). 


CRITICALTOM:  Did you write all the music yourself, or did they help?

JOSE:  I basically wrote all the songs myself in the five-year period since the last album.  I wrote four of them in Uruguay, and four of them here.  I have to admit that I had good input from Maciej and Alex, but I wrote the music myself. 


CRITICALTOM:  But they added their own touch . . . ?

JOSE:  Yes.  They have their own personality.  You can recognize it when they play.  I like for the other musicians to add their own touch to the album.


CRITICALTOM:  Tell me about your label, ICorp America.  Are they a Latin American label?

JOSE:  They are in Latin America, but I think they are also in Europe and maybe have other bands in the U.S.  I don’t really pay attention to those things.  I like to work with a label because they are reliable and do good work.  I don’t worry as much about how big they are.


CRITICALTOM:  How have the reviews of the band been so far?

JOSE:  Most of them are going very well.  A few have complained about my accent.  But overall we are very pleased with the reviews.


CRITICALTOM:  The album “Philosopher” is about the subject of philosophy.  Tell a little about your interest in philosophy.

JOSE:  I am an economist, but I also like philosophy.  My book, “Forbidden Writings”, is about my philosophy which I call “philosophy of destiny”.  It is a way of seeing the real meaning of life.  The book is composed of one hundred writings structured in four sections.  The album, “Philosopher”, follows the book.  It has basically 2 songs per section. 

In music I like to do something different from everybody else.  I know others have touched on philosophical themes, but I don’t know of anyone who has dedicated a whole album to philosophy. 





All interviews, like all religious writings, are edited texts.  As I mentioned above, Jose and I talked for about an hour.  We talked a lot about Nietzsche, some about Rousseau, Maimonides, and such.  It was a real meeting of the minds.  Anyway, the good stuff that won’t bore you is printed above.